What IS this size-activism? Where do I go for infomation?

I was just going about looking to add a few more great links to my blog roll and good information.  I realized though, that for someone trying to start out learning about Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size and the myriad of topics bandied about on the fat-o-sphere, the task of learning what it is all about can be a bit daunting.  I mean, where to start?? 

So, after seeing a great “References” post over at HAES in Medical School I thought I would put a selection of some of the good places to start right here in one place. 

Information to Read

Diets Don’t Work ~ A great list of blogs and posts related to this “weighty” topic.

Genes Take Charge ~ Gina Kolata’s review of research findings (ie that Diets won’t work; and genetic research proves it)

Mythbusting the “Common Sense” about fat ~ Rethink those ideas that you’ve always just accepted as being common sense and see some of the science behind the quite contrary reality.

10 ways to be a body positive advocate ~ You don’t have to be fat to appreciate the beauty of accepting all body sizes.

Videos to Watch

Kate Harding’s BMI Project ~ Ever wonder just how skewed those ridiculous BMI standards are?  View the slideshow of real people, who fit the arbitrary categories from Underweight through Morbidly Obese.

The TRUTH about Weight and Health ~ Penn & Teller discuss Obesity. “Health is important. But health isn’t conducive to size. “

Fat Rant 3 ~ Staircase Wit (OR, how to respond to people taking upon themselves to comment on your body)
Fat Rant 2 ~ Confessions of the Compulsive
Fat Rant 1 ~ I’m fat.  Deal with it. (The first of Joy Nash’s brilliant rants)

Enjoy and remember; learning is a lifelong experience that begins at birth and never ends.  May you learn something new today and every day.

6 thoughts on “What IS this size-activism? Where do I go for infomation?

  1. Big Fat Blog and Shapely Prose have a lot of good information also. Those are just a couple of the 120 sites I’ve subscribed to through Google Reader. And Lindsay at BABble has a list of FA blogs (she also has some great posts at her blog).

  2. Ooo yes; I love BFB and SP as well. BABble’s list is under the link for “Diets Don’t work” and I love that list. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this!! It’s great to have some of these classic resources all in one place for the next time I’m trying to find them. And I didn’t even know about the Gina Kolata article… now I can give people something immediate rather than just saying “Read Rethinking Thin.” Even though they still should.

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