Peace of Body

I always end up reading those silly little articles that Yahoo features on their front page.  Even though; by this point; I’m almost always disappointed with the tone or direction that advice ends up taking.  For example; this little gem is only good for the first 3 lines before it dives off into the mentalities of “feel the burn” and “watch what you eat” in order to feel good about yourself.  But I do want to give the trainer credit for those great 3 lines:

I want Peace of Body! Everyone talks about peace of mind, but what about peace of body? I don’t think you can have one without the other.

It all starts with total acceptance of where you are today.

Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?  Just full-stop after that 3rd line.  It ALL starts with accepting where (and what and WHO) you are today.  More than anything else bandied about these days about finding peace of mind or even more radically, peace of body; you need to accept things as they are today.  What an amazing idea.  Learn to accept, and dare I say Love, who you are today FIRST.  The same trainer who wrote the above; actually has a much better post about this first step; acceptance.

Maybe if we all just took a few moments to actually think about step one, self-acceptance, before running around trying to alter the very embodiment of who we are every time some new marketing scheme tells us we aren’t enough, there would be a lot less self-disappointment in the world.

So give yourself a few moments.  ACCEPT who and what and where you are in life.  Find peace with your body.  Its shape, its abilities, its flaws and its marvels.  If you learn to accept that; peace of mind might follow more quickly than you’d think.  And just so you don’t think you have to go off the deep end and ALWAYS be accepting; NEVER waver and just for a moment wish for something different; here are these amazingly phrased words from Fillyjonk over at Shapely Prose.

Accepting the body you have doesn’t mean shutting off your ability to daydream about what it would be like to have a different one, or even to genuinely wish that you could try it out…

What acceptance does mean, though, is that you realize that wishing for something doesn’t make it possible. 

So go ahead; have those flights of fancy.  Dream of being whatever else you think might, for a moment, make life different.  But don’t get bogged down in fantasy.  Accept who you are; love who you are.  Thank your wonderful outer shell for being as wonderful as it is.

We are amazing creatures.  Our bodies enable us all to varying degrees to lift, pull, push, talk, sing, dance, count, think and BE amazing!  Even if you are self-admittedly awful at something; (I for one couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and thank the human mind for calculators every day) it doesn’t mean you aren’t still a wondrous fleshy machine of ingenuity.  Revel in that.  Take a moment to truly appreciate what you have (brains to think, a heart to love, a stomach to nourish); without focusing on what you don’t (a smaller waist, tinier hands, bigger eyes).

Find peace with all the bits and parts of yourself that make you YOU.  And accept them.  Love them.  Take small steps if necessary but I hope this opens your mind, just a bit, to even considering taking a look at yourself and loving; accepting; what you see.


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