Dream Big; Play Hard; Live Happy

Psychological Science reports that reading motivational words can really help you reach goals. The subtlety of these positive subliminal messages register in the subconscious mind. When absorbed, these motivational cues can help to create positive change.
Make sure the words or phrases you choose are within view- so that you can subconsciously keep your motivation going, even when you may not be on task. Be it sticky notes, motivational pictures, doodles or music, keep the communication upbeat and nurturing.


The above quote is from Dr. Dee’s blog post “Subconscious Motivation“.  We’ve all seen those motivational posters around; either when waiting in a doctor’s office or more likely at a lawyer’s office, business office; anywhere that employees might feel a bit like grunts and need to be reminded to motivate.  I like some of the funnier ones though; like so:


However, in light of the studies showing such motivational messages, kept within eyesight, might actually make a difference in your sub conscious and help to affect positive changes in my life, I’m trying to think of the phrase I would like to tape to my monitor at work and home.


In view of my recent desire to begin riding lessons again, perhaps something along the lines of “Ride Happy”.  Then again; maybe just a more generically all-encompassing “Think Passion” or “Happy Power”.  Think about the motivational phrase that might encourage your own body-love or life philosophy.  Perhaps “Play Hard” or “Live Happy” or even “Dream Big!”   Whatever your phrase might be, I hope it brings about some positive thoughts for you as well! 

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