Photoshop; making the unrealistic happen; one awful pixel at a time.

Tired of being told to tone that last bit of tummy?  Want those “unsightly” (hips, thighs…bellybuttons) lumps to disappear?  Yeah.  Well apparently so does the media; and if you can’t bother to force your body to become the unbelievably unrealistic ideal they hunt for; well then by-gum-it they will make it at least LOOK like you did anyways.  I mean come on; we should ALL hate our bodies and strive for “perfection”.  The media is just giving us some obtainable goal to keep our sights on.  Right.  Yea. /end snarky sarcasm.

BellyButton Removals:

 Curvy Hip and Waist Smoothing:

Am I sucking it in enough yet?  No?  How about now?  Still no?!?


Like one of those days when you wish your arm was removable.  Only it’s your leg.

Don’t use those magazines as your inspiration.  If even the “perfect” models aren’t perfect; why should we all be aiming for “perfect”?  How about just “wonderful as we are”?  I prefer that.  Remember to love what you are and the shape you have.  No one is ever perfect all around; to every set of eyes.  How about istead, work on how YOUR own eyes perceive your lovely body.  Oh, and keep your bellybutton.


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