The Size & Shape of Beauty

Along with my many other little hobbies (reading, stamping, swimming) I also draw and color.  I’m usually much better at coloring other people’s line-art than I am at making my own drawings.  However, I have worked for a long time to get one drawing completed; one which shows women of all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors all bellydancing together.  I’ve gotten a set of 4 women done so far and wanted to share. I hope to continue with more and more women. 

The shape of beauty; knows no bounds. All shapes. All sizes. All colors and all beliefs.  We are all beautiful. We should all enjoy this dance of life that we have! Big, small, short, tall, large chest or modest, fully able-bodied or disabled; no matter our variations; our beauty shines through. Accept the beauty of who you already are.


One thought on “The Size & Shape of Beauty

  1. This is an awesome piece! The way of the world today has us all “brainwashed” in how we are supposed to look… If everyone looked the same, wouldn’t you wanna just jump off a cliff? I know I would… I wouldn’t wanna walk around not saying or feeling that I was unique in my own way. Not only myself, but others as well…
    Keep up the good work and I will be checking back on the finished piece.
    *This alone says alot!*
    Hugs and blessings,

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