A Moment for the Simple Joys

Time out from all the serious talk.  I’m just taking a moment to jot down some of the simple pleasures in life.  After going through my first experience in a hospital this past Thursday (I’m not a fan of needles and had to wait about 3 hours with the IV in my arm waiting for my turn to go into surgery.  They told me AFTERWARDS that they don’t keep the needle in; just a little plastic tube.); I have been appreciating a lot of things that I usually take for granted.  Maybe my list will help you think of some other things that you also appreciate and sometimes forget to acknowledge.

Some Simple Joys in Life:

  • Opening the windows to fresh air after a colder front comes through in summer.  Letting out that Air Conditioned and stale air, inviting in the natural breeze.
  • Sleeping in the fresh air of opened windows in summer and not sweating since the breeze is great and the humidity is down.
  • Laying in my husband’s arms for the simple pleasure of just feeling his heart beating against my back.
  • Watching the golden finches and sparrows vying for space on my feeders and seeing a completely new bird; the Black and White Warbler.
  • Eating a good meal and stopping when I’m full; not when the calories tell me to or when everything is gone; but when my body tells me to.
  • Singing those crazy, poorly written church songs (which no one else can find the rhythm to either) and smiling anyways with the rest of the congregation as we all keep belting it out anyways.
  • Fresh summer vegetables.
  • A clean house with room to practice my belly-dance.
  • My body, which forgives me all the diets I’ve put it on and still loves me and moves me through this world so gracefully.
  • My husband washing dishes.

May you also find pleasure in the simple joys of life.  Don’t forget to appreciate them once in a while.  No matter your size, your shape, your color, your beliefs; life is the most precious gift we all share.

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.
~Marge Piercy


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