Breakfast for Dinner & 3 for 1

Yes.  Growing up I used to love when we would have those “lazy” nights when we’d have breakfast for dinner.  Being so busy and grabbing what you can every morning before school or practices or church meant that those awesome big full-out “golden era of the 50’s” breakfasts would rarely happen; so I always looked forward to those nights when we could enjoy what we missed most mornings.

Well we just had one of those breakfasts for dinner today.  Poached eggs, savory bacon, good wheat bread…..and salads.  It seems like my body is a very eclectic thing; which I’m just learning to appreciate as I try to re-train myself to listen to my body’s needs (instead of forcing media-warped diet ideas upon it).  One of the craziest things I’ve had to come to grips with is the that there is no real RIGHT food to eat at any particular time.  If I want eggs and bacon for dinner and want to follow it up with a tasty salad (mmmm for Romaine lettuce and olives and tomatoes!) then there is nothing inherently WRONG with that.

For those of you who are nay-sayers of trying to eat more intuitively; even your South Beach Diet and others suggest doing away with the mentality of certain foods belonging only in certain times of the day (one of the only good ideas I’ve taken away from all my nasty years of dieting).  If you are hankering for some squash at breakfast (and have it around and the time to prepare it) then there is nothing saying you can’t have said squash.  Just because it isn’t one of the “approved” foods of stereotypical breakfasts (like pop-tarts, eggs, pancakes, cereals, etc); its intrinsic nutritional value isn’t voided if you do eat it! 

One other thing I’m having to get away from is the 3 for 1 mentality.  By that I am referring to the “requirement” that each meal HAS to have a protein, a starch and a veggie.  No!  If I just want chicken and green beans and corn; then I SHOULD just go for it.  Or if I just want rice pilaf and a bunch of romaine lettuce with ranch dressing; I should not worry about a lacking protein.  Or if I just want some poached eggs and bacon then that is, as a thinking adult, my decision to make! Growing up in that 3 for 1 style of meals has made it difficult to move away from the pattern; but I’m learning.  Because I don’t have to apologize for what I eat or when I eat it.

I’m still fat.  I always will be fat.  But so what?  As my recent doctor visit this past Thursday proved; I have an amazingly healthy blood pressure so I must be doing SOMETHING right.  I feel happier, more active and in general just better the more that I listen to and appreciate the intricacies of my body.  I love it.  And I see more of these kinds of breakfast dinners in the future.  Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner & 3 for 1

  1. You know, I sometimes wonder how much actual effect diet has on blood pressure. I know that mine is fine when I’m getting a bit of exercise and finding ways to let go of stress no matter what I happen to be chowing down on.

    Of course, anecdote is not empirical evidence, and I do understand that. After all, the fact that I can eat two slices of pie and a candy bar in one day and not have diatbetes doesn’t mean my husband doesn’t have it..which he actually does.

    But I also know that he’s inclined to high blood pressure, but when a doctor finally told him he should pay attention to his blood sugar, of course, but it would be okay if once in a while he had a touch of real sugar…funnily enough, the next visit they took him off the blood pressure medication and told him to watch his stress levels.

    Still anectodal, but interesting to me.

    Stressing about wanting spaghetti for breakfast or waffles for dinner is silly. I’m with you: if you want breakfast, have breakfast no matter what the clock says.

    No matter what effect it does or doesn’t have on our blood pressure, letting go of entirely avoidable stress feels good. I think we should all do it more often.

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