Friday Fun: PENGUINS!

African Penguins
African Penguins

We all need to have a few things in life that just make us happy.  Maybe for you it is a good book.  Maybe a great desert or the perfectly grilled piece of salmon.  Maybe it is a powerful thunderstorm ripping through and bringing a much needed cold front through afterwards.  Or maybe you are like me and can’t resist the antics of nature’s creatures.

Hubby and I went to the New England Aquarium the other day and it was awesome.  We were able to watch the tank divers fetch and gently maneuver a 551 pound sea turtle (Myrtle) into a box for her annual checkup.  AND we got to watch the 3 different sets of penguins.  More than once.  So yeah; a day full of happy.

Just see if you can spend 1 minute watching these guys (Little Blue Penguins from Australia/New Zealand area of the world) without cracking a smile.  I dare you.  They wiggle their butts.  Oh and you can try to see if you can pick out the one that the hubby and I have named “Sir Pink-Butt”.  Good times!


One thought on “Friday Fun: PENGUINS!

  1. How funny! We were there on Tuesday, and spent a lot of time gazing at one particular penguin in Pink-butt’s group, who stared unflinchingly at us like he was waiting for instructions.

    Also, the staff was all giggles and squeals because Jack Johnson walked past behind us when they were showing us the enormous toad.

    Good times! 🙂

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