Horizontal Stripes are Great too!


Oooo Nice Stripes!

Oooo Nice Stripes!

The topic is a bit misleading.  I DO think that anyone can “pull off” a great horizontal striped shirt or outfit, regardless of size.  In fact, I’m rocking a green and white horizontal striped polo at the moment.  However, I’m actually referring to Zebra stripes….on actual Zebras.  Or rather, on stuffed animal zebras. 

I have a happy obsession with making and collecting all of the WWF critters that Build a Bear decides to come out with.  I’ve built and collected quite a few of the wild cats and a giraffe thus far.  It isn’t a NEED but it is a very fun little hobby that I allow myself.  The newest critter is going to be the zebra and comes out on August 22nd.  Yippie!  I know it is silly, I know it is a “childish” bit of fun.  But quite frankly who cares?  It makes me smile to see a giraffe that I stuffed and “built” sitting on my desk with his little safari hat on.  That’s reason enough for me!

Everyone needs a hobby or activity that makes them smile; no matter how bad the day has been.  What sort of fun things do you allow yourself?  What little simple, perhaps silly or perhaps childish, pleasures do you enjoy regardless of convention?  What’s your fluffy Friday cool-down from a week of insane tough moments?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
~George Bernard Shaw


3 thoughts on “Horizontal Stripes are Great too!

  1. I read kids’ and YA books! I review them on my blog that’s linked to my name. I just . . . started when I was a kid, and never stopped.

    (Hi! Came via fatosphere. Liked the topic!)

  2. I wear horizontal stripes all the time. And when I eat fast food, I often get the kids’ meals so I can play with the toys.

  3. I make people! (Nooooo, not *that* way!)

    I take a 1/6th scale Action Figure (12″ tall) and redress them as a different character. I make doctors and nurses, usually giving them to the actual person they are modeled on. I made an action figure of Dr. Helen Taussig for the Adult Congenital Heart Association; they sold her at auction for $115! 🙂

    Dr. Taussig (compete with hearing aid!)

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