Sometimes the Small Victories are the Best

Especially since I’ve started my little blog here at Round is a Shape I have found myself more and more often speaking up about my beliefs regarding size acceptance to those around me.  Friends, family, co-workers who insist on gossiping with me about the latest and greatest “lifestyle change” to hit the market are all getting familiar with my little comments (such as “You know diets don’t work.  Why are you trying to lose weight if you’re healthy?  Why not just exercise for fun and strength instead of “weight loss”.  Food has no moral value.  Thin does not automatically mean Healthy.”  That sort of thing).  Just being able to open the usual diet-filled, self-hate conversations to other ideas is doing wonders for not only my own steps towards my own size acceptance, but also for others around me who are starting to question some of the hand-fed obesity dogma in the media/government. 

The small victory from this past weekend was hearing my mother say that she wanted to start doing a Yoga tape and stuff.  Not to “lose weight”, but to “feel better”.  I couldn’t be happier.  Just changing your mentality from “MUST lose weight or this activity is pointless” to a much simpler “I like doing this (Yoga Tape) and if I don’t lose weight, oh well.  At least I’m getting some fun activity!”

Boy if only more people would realize that shame and guilt and self-hatred don’t have to be a part of your daily exercise routine!  How much nicer would it be to go to the gym (or the pool or the park, wherever you tend to do your activity) and have everyone there doing things they LIKE to do, rather than what they felt they HAD to do.  Amazing concept.

What a pleasure to hear someone I love so much trying to re-frame her thinking so as to avoid so much of the self-hate that the usual diet/exercise rotes prescribed by doctors seem to entail and enjoy moving for the sake of moving.  Huzzah!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes the Small Victories are the Best

  1. Great post. I’ve been in recovery from anorexia for three years, and those “diet-filled, self-hate conversations” are quite familiar. The size acceptance community has helped me appreciate my body for what it can do – not for how close it comes to an arbitrary ideal. Exercising is actually FUN when I’m not obsessing about the calories I burn. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks for commenting. You’re right; it is amazing how FUN exercising has become now that the calorie counting isn’t the goal. 🙂

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