Those Days when Clothing Sucks

You know.  Those days when no matter how good you might feel about yourself otherwise; you just can’t get comfortable in your clothing.  The armholes on your shirt feel too tight for some reason today.  Or the neck of your shirt is riding up. Or your pants are too loose and you have to keep dragging them up because you hate belts.  Or those same loose pants are cutting into you when you sit because the button is mis-shaped.  Or your bra keeps tugging uncomfortably.  Or the dress that you thought would feel light and airy keeps sticking to you and you wish you’d worn pants. The kind of days when you just wish you could be home naked.  Yeah.

Well I was having one of those this afternoon.  And then I took the 2nd half of my lunch and went outside to play my little trumpet in our awesome 5 person work-band.  Wow do I feel better.  There is nothing like physical accomplishment and talent put to fun use to make you really get a happy grin.  And those endorphins are over-shadowing the twidgey little clothing nuisances of just 30 minutes prior.  They are still there mind you; those pokey bits on the bra and that nasty little button that just keeps prodding me; but the happy feelings are taking precedence.  Any day that sort of thing happens is a good day in my books.

I just love the human mind and discovering more and more little awesome things it is capable of; such as going from feeling rotten to using some little skill and soaking in some sunshine to completely twist around to feeling wonderful.

What do you end up doing on those days when you just can’t get your skin to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing?


4 thoughts on “Those Days when Clothing Sucks

  1. I know the feeling! Often with me it’s this feeling my shirt/dress is hanging over my belly the wrong way. Or pants aren’t hanging right on my hips (I truly CAN’T wear them any higher comfortably, have always been that way), or they’re annoyingly loose or something.

    What do I do? Typically, try to change clothes. Or find a position to sit in where the discomfort isn’t so bad, and focus wholly on whatever I’m doing (unfortunately these moments were common during school in boring-as-hell classes though!). And if I have an opportunity to go home and get naked, take it. 😛

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