I Enjoy Comics that Bash Stereotypes

In the spirit of true self-acceptance (accepting your body’s limits and abilities no matter its shape/size/condition) and showing an AWESOME way to view the miracle of pregnancy I’ve been meaning to post a link to this comic for a couple of days now.  If you’re not familiar with the Order of the Stick comic perhaps you’ll want to start the comic from the beginning; but I think this one particular comic can stand alone as well.

*waits for you to go read*

I just love seeing portrayals of strong women; strong mothers (rock on Mrs. Weasley!); and in general I just enjoy seeing a well-crafted bashing of general stereotypes (fat, misogyny, racism, class-ism; I like to see a good put-down of any kind of stereotype), in this case about pregnant women. 

So just a quick post to say kudos to a strip I ALREADY loved reading for being even more kick-ass than usual.



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