Share the Happy Days too!

You know those days when it seems that everyone is just in an AWESOME mood?  Laughter is rampant; silly jokes are hilarious; smiles abound and sunshine seems to fill the hallways and hearts?  We’re having one of those today at work.  It isn’t to the point yet that rainbows are coming out of our rear ends but the phrase “unicorn farts” is likely to elicit quite the giggle today.

Perhaps it is the awesome amount of sunshine beaming through the windows.  Maybe it is the lack of humidity today and the brisk morning; hearkening to the coming Autumn (MY favorite season) season of harvest and Halloween costumes (and candy!) and colored leaves and giving thanks for all we have.

I love days like this and just wanted to share.  Do you love Autumn?  What does the end of summer/coming of winter mean to you?  Is it a happy time of good food celebrations, sharing the love, bundling into cozy sweaters?  Is it a sadder time of fewer fresh veggies/fruits, less sun, cold winds? 

Word of the day today:  “Ooplasm: the cytoplasm (the liquid inside a cell all the organelles are suspended in) of an egg cell.”*

*Definition curtesy of my science-y hubby


2 thoughts on “Share the Happy Days too!

  1. First, thank you for the awesome post. YAY for sunshine and good feelings! That’s what I live for. 😉 Well, that and unicorns, so mentioning them (even farting) gets you points too. XD

    I have a bittersweet relationship with Autumn, though overall, I love it! Autumn was when my sis was killed, and it also means a long, dark, cold winter is on the way (I don’t have a good relationship with winter at all, it means depression and discomfort to me generally). That, and this year it means everyone’s going back to school but me (oh, how I miss college… graduating was the worst thing that ever happened to my life, for realz).

    But, that’s just the “bitter” part. There’s a lot more that is “sweet!”

    *gorgeous weather and gorgeous colors all through fall here in MI. Even the sunshine seems to have a different quality to it. I love it.
    *season of the harvest, season of plenty. Oh, the good food that happens in the fall!
    *beginning of holidays
    *best time of year to go walking
    *omg Halloween AND Thanksgiving.
    *the entire month of October is basically just awesome. Seriously.
    *gourds. I freakin’ love gourds. They’re so CUTE.
    *Autumn just feels nostalgic and homey to me, I cannot explain it, but I like it.

    So, yeah. Good times. I like fall. Seems like summer went a little too fast this year, but I like fall.


  2. Sugar ~ I’m sorry to read about some of the negative associations you have with Autumn/winter (It isn’t nearly as tramatic but my Grandma’s funeral was the same day as my Autumn birthday a couple years ago…) but loved your list of good things.

    “*gourds. I freakin’ love gourds. They’re so CUTE.”

    I agree! I don’t know why but those freaky little things; like candy corn, just crack me up. 🙂

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