Good Cheese is a Many Splendored Thing

I know, random title for what I will warn you now amounts to a rave about cheese.  (I have been listening to “oldies” music the last couple of days.  Actually I’ve had “Mack the Knife” stuck in my head for a month).

MMMmmmm So Tasty!

MMMmmmm So Tasty!

I love cheese.  LOVE it.  My favorites are smoked Gouda with its so creamy texture and mild tangy smoke flavor; and a good SHARP cheddar, with enough bite to make you think you sucked a lemon yet enough smoothness to not crumble in your mouth.  The surge of happiness I get from a good piece of cheese, with all its nutrient/protein/tasty and semi-salty but creamy goodness, is right up there with a piece of dark chocolate on the reddest of my monthly cycle days. 

I LOVE heading to the wine and cheese shop on my way home from work; where they will let you sample all sorts of fun cheeses; some with herbs and things inside; others made with milk other than cows milk.  The variety is stunning and the fun is (at least for me) up there with travelling to a distant land and finding a great friend.

Some people may hate cheese with the simmering passion with which I barely resist loathing carrots.  I understand.  For a while I thought some of my stomach troubles were due to a lactose intolerance.  That has since been disproved (YAY!) and the true solution to those troubles found.  Which means I can continue to love cheese.  From the strangely sour taste of a fresh Camembert to the simple and slightly waxy Colby-Jack; I can continue to munch away on cheese.  Thank goodness; because to me a good cheese IS a many splendored thing.  Maybe I was a mouse in a past life.

Silly post is done now.  You may resume your regularly scheduled life now.  Want a piece of cheese?


14 thoughts on “Good Cheese is a Many Splendored Thing

  1. I do want a piece of cheese, thanks!

    I have a wedge of Vintage Van Gogh aged gouda in my fridge that needs to be consumed. Tis a thing of beauty and a joy for ever, it is. I am also quite fond of very sharp cheddar (smoked or not), baby Swiss, manchego (hard, somewhat sharp Spanish sheep’s milk cheese), and baked brie on fruit or bread. Oh, and good Stilton, fresh herb-marinated mozzarella, English Derbyshire cheese with a vein of sage running through, Danish full-cream havarti with dill…

    Okay, now I’m hungry. *sigh*

  2. mmm… really sharp cheddar… hey, wait, I actually have some halfway sharp cheddar in my refrigerator! *gets some* mmm…

    Other favorites: runny brie, cheddar cheese curds, and port wine cheddar, the second two of which I cannot find over here in the EU. I miss colby-jack, too *sigh*

    Not that I don’t love some German cheeses, but they’re nearly all… smelly, and sometimes that’s just not what I want.

  3. Bald Soprano ~ I remember some of those …oderous cheeses. Often quite fun but yeah; sometimes just a plain old slice of american cheese wax is just calling to ya! Or maybe just me 🙂

    I’m gonna have to go get and try some of that port wine cheddar! I have a couple new cheeses on my list now. Mmmmmm

  4. RoseCampion sorry to make you miss good cheese! I could never be vegetarian, let alone vegan. I loves meats and dairy far too much. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone else who chooses to be vegetarian or vegan but I know I personally wouldn’t last long! 🙂

  5. I am also a huge cheese lover. This was a super fun post, thanks! My very favorite is cheddar. The sharper, the better. Though my mother once bought some small round white cheeses wrapped in red wax, and I wish I remembered what they were because boy were they ever tasty. Mild with a slight tang, smooth, creamy.



    for one I love cows.. and a laughing cow makes me all sorts of squealy sort of happy plus it is so creamy and flavorful and yummy and with a club cracker almost orgasmic :D:D:D

  7. “and a laughing cow makes me all sorts of squealy sort of happy plus it is so creamy and flavorful and yummy and with a club cracker almost orgasmic ”

    Oh I LOVE those little triangles of Laughing Cow!!! And Sugar I think Julia is right; sounds like BabyBels to me 😀 Mmmm and now I have to go off to be squealy happy at the thought of buying some creamy laughing cow cheese tomorrow!!

  8. What did your stomach troubles turn out to be, if not lactose intolerance? My daughter (age 11) has been trying no-dairy this summer, due to persistent nausea and pain. It’s unclear to us whether it’s being worth the pain of trying to avoid all dairy. So if there are any other ideas we should check out, we’d be grateful.

  9. Well the stomach troubles weren’t Lactose intolerance or gluten intolerence or an overabundance of bacteria that is normally found in the colon. I’m on anti-smasmoidal pills that basically calm the cramping I get right after I eat anything.

    So far that has helped tremendously with a lot of things in my digestive woes. Basically they’re calling it IBS (which I’ve determined is doctor-speak for “we don’t know”) but since these anti-spasm drugs are helping we’re testing the waters from here.

    I hope you find out what is making your daughter feel bad. I’d suggest taking the lactose intolerence test if your insurance covers it. Just avoiding dairy (or gluten) is a large undertaking and really sucks if you don’t need to do it.

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