Ways you might die. Guess what didn’t make the top 10 list.

New risk charts in a paper published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute provide a broader perspective than most of the risk calculators, because they cover the risks for 10 different causes of death, and for all causes combined, while differentiating by age and among smokers, nonsmokers and former smokers.

Want to know what cause of death is NOT listed?  What cause of death didn’t even make this “top 10 list” of the causes of death despite the Obesity in America site listing it as the number 2 cause of preventable deaths in the US? Any guesses?  Did you guess “obesity”?  Ding ding ding.  Here’s your prize: a baby flavored donut.  Although; to be fair, maybe  “Death by Fat” was number 11.

Morbid Obesity???

Wait. Where is MY most likely cause of death: Morbid Obesity???


4 thoughts on “Ways you might die. Guess what didn’t make the top 10 list.

  1. Ah yes, but the anti-fat would love to counter your argument by saying that since heart disease, stroke, and “some cancers” (they’d love to encompass all cancers in that statement, and that’s what they’d imply) are “correlated with” morbid obesity (read Sandy’s site — most of these correlations are junk statistics, at best. You know, manipulating the sample demographic and so forth to get the small positive correlation the authors and their funders were looking for).

    In fact, my prediction is that this chart *will* be used as an argument against fat. Sad, no? Especially when the number one predictors of heart disease and stroke are family history and age.

    Actually, looking at the chart, notice that they didn’t order the causes of death with respect to number. In fact, it looks like they deliberately ordered it to make you think, at first glance, that heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer were the number three killers of everyone. It’s clear, at second glance, this is not the case. I wonder why they ordered it that way? Could it be that those three things have been increasingly attributed to obesity, and they wanted people (especially women — breast cancer is ordered above colon cancer) to freak out?

  2. Ah, but you know why they didn’t list obesity in the top 10? Because obesity causes all of those top 10 killers! (/sarcasm)
    Looks to me like old age is the biggest killer of all, and that didn’t make the top 10 either (more people, men and women, died at the age of 75 than any other age, gee, who’d a thunk it?)

  3. Vesta – very true; old age does seem to take its toll on longevity. Too bad we haven’t found the fountain of youth. Wonder if there is a fountain of “thin” anywhere?

  4. I thought the top ONE and ONLY reason for death was being alive!

    Silly me. I forgot how if you’re “healthy” and awesome enough, you’ll live forever.


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