Wait. What the heck is the difference again??

I am NOT a fashion guru.  I will admit that right up front.  If you want actual fashion tips then you’re FAR better off heading to Fatshionista or some other amazingly written and up-to-the minute accurate discourse on the latest in fashion.

That being said, however, I DO love watching Project Runway and crafting my own sewing projects for costumes and such.  And though I may not have a sparkling wardrobe of my own to rival the stars of Hollywood, I will admit that I LOVE to see what other people are wearing.  After watching a few seasons of PR though, I must say that Fashion can be a very fickle and opinionated field of eye-blinkingly fast, subjective changes in taste that can just make me shake my head.  So can I just say that I find it….let’s say.. bemusing and sadly disappointing… that one single outfit; which amounts to jeans with a long-sleeved shirt and sneakers, can be on BOTH the best and worst dressed list from the recent Music Awards?

YOU tell me what the difference is between:

Wait...should I have worn stripes instead??

Wait...should I have worn stripes instead??


Oh yea.  Blue sneakers were TOTALLY the way to go tonight.

Oh yea. Blue sneakers were TOTALLY the way to go tonight.

In case you can’t actually GUESS who was the Worst or Best dressed; the man with the lovely smile (LL Cool J) was on the WORST dressed list.  The other guy, Rob Drydek of the “why are you people taking my f-ing picture?” grimace, is on the BEST dressed list.  Here, from the OMG Yahoo list’s captions are what they had to say:

Worst: The ladies still love LL Cool J, but they’d love him even more if he’d tried a little harder on the red carpet.

Best:“Rob & Big” star Rob Dyrdek kept it casual in a striped sweater and cute blue kicks.

Wait.  Are you freaking SERIOUS?  This is all just a really really late April fools joke on me, right?  Or a bit of Swiftian “humor”?  Hello!  It is the SAME. Freaking. Outfit!!!  Jeans.  Sneakers.  Long-sleeved shirt!  Now I barely know one of these guys from the other, not being a big fan-girl type.  They could both be the coolest or meanest people on the Earth.  But you know what?  At least LL Cool J had a fun smile on and his jeans looked clean with his button-down shirt!  But wait, us “ladies” would like him if he tried a “little harder” to be on that red carpet.  Yeah.  Maybe he should have worn BLUE sneakers instead so he could be favorably described as “keeping it casual”.  *eyeroll*

The point here, for this “Love your body as it IS” blog of mine, is as follows.  If even high-powered men can’t get away from one day to the next with just being who they are, dressing as they wish and smiling happily in the lime-light, how can the rest of us??  If even THEY can’t do it; how the hell are those of us who AREN’T male, white (ooh…maybe THAT’s why LL’s outfit was a “worst”), in a position of heady fame and fortune and a part of the media’s crazy-making size-normalcy demographic supposed to get through this world without negative comments on our body and our fashion decisions?!

Although I guess those of us on the non-famous end of the spectrum have a bit of a leg-up on that point since we’re less likely to be bashed for our fashion or body in a national media forum due to our lack of fame.  All of the derision we experience on the dark end of the lime-light is so much easier to bear, right?  Being told that what you wear is unacceptable when it might be the same outfit as is worn and accepted by another person with a slightly different (but more ACCEPTABLE) appearance, is just something that bounces right off our non-famous backs, no?  So, let’s hear it for non-fame for once, right? Right?!  Yea. Right.


6 thoughts on “Wait. What the heck is the difference again??

  1. Eek. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it’s the same outfit. I’m not big into fashion myself, but i’m damn sure that if i were ever on a red carpet, i wouldn’t show up on it looking like i was just there to help paint the backdrops. O.o

  2. Hah, you forgot the trifling point that the grimace guy’s jeans had that faded and used to dig one trench too many je ne sais quoi to them. That’s what really made the fashion difference! Well, plus the bling.

    Seriously, I like the guy with the grin way better; he just looks like he’d be fun to hang with. And his clothes are clean and new-looking, without the ostentatious jewels; which I suppose counts when we’re discussing fashion. Much classier in my book.

    I don’t have a clue about why either fellow is famous or what his reputation is; I’m going strictly by the photos.

  3. I am jealous of your sewing skills. But my friend and I just made a little pact to try and learn together so that should be fun!

    I agree with you, LL looks way better in those photos, and the smile was his best accessory. This from someone who knows zilch about fashion, and wouldn’t know either of those men from a monkey’s uncle if I saw them on the street (the second guy I’ve never even heard of).

    I’m thinking these dudes should forgo street clothes for some Halloween costumes, because I love costumes. The guy in the first photo can dress up as a werewolf, and the second guy, a vampire. We’ll throw them both to the Anne Rice/ Laurell K Hamilton fangirls and find out once and for all which is sexier! XD

  4. I’ve clicked at OMG yahoo once or twice because I like seeing weird clothes, but the VICIOUS commentary (especially when aimed at very young girls, or celebs caught in candid shots who were clearly not dressing for your camera) turned my stomach enough I just don’t dare go near them anymore.

  5. Ya know… even if I had no idea who these two are (okay, actually I DON’T know who the second guy is, but I’ve been drooling over LL for decades already), if I had to pick between the two pictures, I’d pick LL hands-down. His shirt is immaculate, pressed, and just generally looks good. His jeans – while they ARE just jeans – don’t look faded or worn, they look like they’ve been well taken care of (probably by a professional laundress, granted). His shoes – again, they’re immaculate. I realize that there’s a good chance all of this is brand new. But the point is, LL looks clean and put-together, while the other guy looks like he pulled those jeans out of the bottom of the laundry pile and then just threw on whatever matched together to go with.

    Did somebody kick the “Fashion reporters” (or whoever it is that make these decisions) in the head?

  6. I post at a message board where we talk about anything, and every Friday, I do a “Celebrity Fashion Disasters” of the week post for fun. It’s like “Go Fug Yourself,” but not as witty.

    The guy on the bottom would have been a fashion disaster for me, while LL looks great (despite that Yankees ballcap…I can’t STAND them)! There’s nothing wrong with what he’s got on. It was for the MTV Music Awards…not the Oscars. Plus, I think the fashion critics have some kind of bias because they probably expected him to show up looking like a stereotypical blinged out rapper and he didn’t, whereas white young guys are supposed to look like grouchy slackers.

    Fashion reporting: You’re doing it wrong.

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