What a Nice Surprise

I ended up going to a Bridal Shower this weekend.  In my past experience, these end up being huge diet-talk sessions in-between feeling guilty about having eaten cake and watching the bride unwrap presents for a few hours. 

This Sunday, however, I have to admit to a pleasant surprise to hear not ONE body-negative comment.  The bride laughingly mentioned once in passing that she never ended up losing enough weight to fit into some relative’s dress but no one blasted off into diet talk, it ended up just being a factual comment that was a part of the chatter.  Although it would have been perhaps interesting to discuss the concept of “losing ENOUGH weight”; I found it enjoyable to watch and participate in a self-hatred free conversation.

What a relief to spend an afternoon just eating great home-made foods and chatting with unknown but wonderful people in a gathering that actually WAS (for once) a really nice party to watch a Bride-to-be that we all love open some awesome presents from friends and loved ones.  Regardless of your views on marriage or the whole traditional trappings/parties involved; it is hard to deny that being able to enjoy food without guilt and conversations without diet-speak is a treasured combination. 

May this be a fortuitous indication of how the wedding might go so I’m actually excited at the prospect of wedding-mingling this time!


2 thoughts on “What a Nice Surprise

  1. That’s awesome that you had a great time. I normally hate bridal showers with a passion. Mostly its the stupid games that seem to be mandatory, like the “memorize the utensils that someone has strung into a necklace and put on the bride”. Worst is the toilet paper bridal dress.

    Though you know, it seems notable these days when any gathering of people, especially females, doesn’t degenerate into a big session of diet talk and body hate.

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