Better Things I Could Do with the Time

As many of us have by now seen, a study done on an Amish population seems to have found a “fat gene” which, if beaten into submission for 3-4 hours a day with a rigorous; oh no, sorry, “Moderate” level of exercise, might be repressed and that maximum of 15 pounds that this sneaky little Fat Gene tries to keep on you would be avoided.  Whoo! 

The Amish study involved 704 people; blood samples determined which of those had a variation in the FTO gene linked to obesity. Among those with the variant, those who got about three or four hours of moderate physical activity a day weighed up to about 15 pounds less on average than the least active people.

Phew.  Thank goodness, right? I mean, who WOULDN’T want to break a sweat for 3-4 hours EVERY. DAY. to keep off that up to 15 pounds which pushes you into obesity?  Although if I pushed really hard and managed to JUST “keep off” 15 pounds; I’d STILL need to somehow lose oh let’s see 65 MORE pounds to just fit the modified category limits for “Overweight”.  But if those hours and hours of stair climbing, housework and gym-rat time are ONLY going to account for 15 pounds; how in the HELL will I ever lose that extra “pesky” 65?!?!  Oh wait….that’s right.  Maybe if I just NEVER eat.  And work out 10 hours EACH DAY.  Think my job will pay me to run laps around the building?

Well it isn’t going to happen that way folks.  I won’t apologize for it and I won’t feel guilty for it.  I already exercise; though it probably doesn’t “count” since I have FUN at the same time.  I eat a tasty variety of foods in a quantity that fuels my body the way it needs.  But even if I DIDN’T do either of those two things (by lack of ability or by choice) it is NONE of anyone else’s damn business; this is ME.  How about I worry about ME and you worry about YOU?  Neither ONE of us has to justify our way of life to the other, okay?

And quite frankly I can think of TONS of things I would rather be doing for 3-4 hours each day than frantically “exercising” in the hopes that I could shed 15 pounds.  Let’s see what some of those better things are, shall we?

Things I Would Rather Do in 3 to 4 hours a day:

  • Make sweet love to my husband.  More than once.  With pauses for backrubs and chats.
  • Bellydance (which of course doesn’t count as “exercise” since it is fun)
  • Read ALL of the homework for my Masters degree classes
  • Sew a costume for Halloween
  • Craft a beautiful chili or lasagna and throw a dinner party
  • Clean the house top to bottom
  • Get 8 hours of sleep instead of 5

This is just a TINY list of what I’d rather do if I even HAD 3 or 4 extra hours laying around each day.  If only.  While I HAVE gained an hour or so back since I stopped counting calories every second of the day and obsessing about what others might think of my looks; even that doesn’t allow all the time I wish I had each day to do the things that make this life worth living.  So find an activity that YOU would rather do with that 3-4 hours of imaginary time.  I bet you anything it would bring you far more satisfaction that worrying about trying to lose 15 pounds.


6 thoughts on “Better Things I Could Do with the Time

  1. Thank you! This is the first blog I’ve seen point out the “up to 15 pounds.” That is terribly important and telling. I would have to lose 65 pounds to get to a socially acceptable weight, and after this study came out, I was planning on working my way up to two or three hours of exercise a day. Crazy! Thanks for bringing me to my senses and also for teaching me to read accompanying links in blog posts.

  2. Junkfood Science has a really good rebuttal of the media frenzy over this report. What she says is that the myth that “all you have to do to lose weight is live and eat like our ancestors did and cut out all the junk food, people!” is just that, a myth, because people who DO live and eat like our ancestors did are still overweight. But the real lesson is, they don’t mind.

  3. I’ll second the more sleep thing, as well as bellydancing, cleaning, chasing after/playing with my son, studying, doing art and other homework, and gardening in that 3-4 hours I’m SUPPOSED to be working out. 😛

  4. Oh, you hit it right on the head for me.

    There was a point in my life when I was working more than 60 hours a week. I left the house in the dark, before my kids got up, and I would come home in the dark, after they’d already gone to bed. I was lucky if I had 2 hours before I fell asleep on the couch and Hubby had to wake me up and send me to bed. How the hell would I have managed 4 hours of exercise every day?

    These days, of course, anybody who actually bought into that kind of crap would say I have no excuse for NOT doing it – I don’t work. But I do have a large family (4 children – okay, 5 if you count the Hubby 😉 ) and that means a lot of work. I would much rather keep my house as tidy as possible than worry about exercising for HALF my friggin’ day.

    I’d also argue that cleaning my house IS exercise, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax entirely.

  5. Oh is that all!!!! I wish someone had just told me that all I needed to do was exercise. Well Ive got 24hrs in the day so I should be able to lose upto 90 pounds right. Anyway cant talk gotta go exercise forever.

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