The Passage of Time can Change so Much

Like, for example, how people view fad-diets (or “Lifestyle Changes”).  For anyone who has never heard of or read the Gallery of Regrettable Foods I am taking a moment to point you to the online site today.  Take a few minutes to gander at the recipes, advice and ads that used to appear, not ALL that long ago, in cookbooks and on those snail-mail packs of recipe cards.

I remember those sorts of ghastly food idea recipe cards coming in the mail to our own home growing up.  We laugh now to see such awful recipes and advice. 

What do we think people 20 or 30 years down the line will think of the South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc that has become such an iconic way of life today?  What will the future mock of our own current trends in diet advice and oh-so-factual health tips?  Will we progress in 20 years’ time to the point when all the current crazes will be the fodder for amusing books about silly trends in food history?  One can only hope.

AND since it is Friday I also leave you with a cat.  Because who COULDN’T use a nice cat picture right before the weekend?  Especially an electronic and therefore not sharp and pointy or allergy-triggering cat?

Looking towards the Future...or right at that bird feeder

Looking towards the Future...or right at that bird feeder


2 thoughts on “The Passage of Time can Change so Much

  1. People have some kind of weird almost fetishistic nostalgia for times past where everyone supposedly ate home-cooked healthy meals of lean meat with lightly steamed vegetables, and maybe a light fruit-based dessert. Look through magazines, cookery books, and family recipe scrapbooks of the past, etc, this was most definitely not the case. Meals had plenty of saturated fat (people loved to cook in lard!), starchy vegetables boiled to death, or fried vegetables. Soups were creamy and desserts were in no way “light”. If you were less well-off you got the cheap gristly, extra fatty cuts of meat too. The food my grandmothers made was like this, and it was bland and boring. The only spices were salt and pepper. I think we do eat much better nowadays. And by better I don’t mean health-nut “healthy”, I just mean better quality, variety, cooking methods, and so on.

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