Obesity Fairy

I have to laugh a bit since this showed up in my blog’s list of terms that people used to find me.  To my knowledge I don’t even recall having USED that particular combination of words.  I have to admit that I like it.  It reminds me of the “Boob Fairy” by Deirdre Flint (which is really worth a listen if you haven’ t heard it before).  So here is a silly little Saturday rambling on what I think an Obesity Fairy might be.

I imagine any “Obesity Fairy” would be a benevolent but much maligned figure in the land of fairy.  She is much loved by her fellow fairies of course, being that fairies are much more tolerant than humans (if we’re imagining things then I get to choose the scenario).  But the humans upon which she visits her blessings of corpulence malign her gifts and besmirch her name.  Unlike the seasonal fairies who might visit the land to bring about the needed change from one to the next; our friendly obesity fairy might be linked with the giving of protection for upcoming surgeries or times of need.

Anyway, I leave you with that silly mussing until the next post.


6 thoughts on “Obesity Fairy

  1. SugarLeigh – If you do write a story can you add that the Obesity Fairy sometimes travels by the “Beans” of motorized transport? A comment I unfortunately couldn’t allow through had made this typo that I thought added even mokre fun to the imaginary fairy 😀

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