A good site for Self Acceptance

Today I did a web-search for “Self Acceptance” to see if I could find a nice, happy site (one which wasn’t all “Accept yourself.  Then lose weight”) and was very pleasantly pleased with one called selfcreation.com.  One of my favorite parts of the site is on the page about Self Awareness.  It asks you to consider your own definitions for words that we use and take for granted every day.  I thought it was a VERY good idea. 

In addition to asking yourself questions, you may also want to investigate your personal definitions of common words. I know when I went through this process of self awareness, I found I only had a very general sense of the meaning of words. It wasn’t until I came up with my own precise and specific definitions, that their meaning became clear. Although my definitions were not that drastically different from the dictionary’s, the words had more impact on my life once I defined them myself.

What is YOUR definition of the following words?
– love
– success
– honesty
– happiness
– soul
– true
– acceptance
– inner peace
– trust
– appreciation
– knowing
– believe
– reality
– fear
– joy
– judgment
– anger
– mistake
– sex
– friend
– guilt
– intention
– responsibility
– myself

Every once in a while I think it would be good to take some time for self-reflection to really understand HOW we perceive the world around us and how we think of ourselves.  After a couple of very hefty and information dense posts lately I thought it might be a fun and very soothing idea to reflect upon how one can start down the path of self-acceptance.  It is one thing to speak about accepting ourselves and quite another to know HOW to begin. 

Hope you enjoy the site and the thoughts or questions it might provoke.


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