The Obesity Fairy Sends her Love

Love to all and to all a Great Life

Love to all and to all a Great Life


Based on my previous silly post about the “Obesity Fairy” I actually decided to draw and (very quickly) color my thoughts on what she would be.

I envision this fairy as obese, loving and hopeful for a future where knowledge and acceptance; learning and respect for ALL reign supreme.  Spreading self-love and acceptance with her sceptre of wisdom, she flies around the world with a smile on her face and boot-cut jeans on her tush.  ‘Cause let’s face it, boot-cut pants rock. IMO of course. 

Enjoy this bit of levity today while I recharge the mental batteries to post on more serious topics.


4 thoughts on “The Obesity Fairy Sends her Love

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  2. Love your blog title 🙂 If only I were as skinny as the Obesity Fairy!

    You might enjoy some of my blog posts — like “I am awake and fat” and “C’mon Down! You’re the next contestant on The Biggest Loser.”

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