So, I just had this dream

And while I’m by no means any sort of sleep-time inspired MLK of fat-acceptance, I still wanted to share it because I feel that it really shows a change in my subconscious thinking that I’m happy about.

I had this dream that I was getting my yearly all-over medical physical. At the end of the exam and discussion I got a “report card” style set of results.  On it everything was marked as highly healthy but there was a little note from the doctor on the bottom “Should gain a few pounds to remain in your body’s individual healthy range”. It wasn’t a recommendation to get my body into a particular BMI range.  It was a note indicating that my PARTICULAR body was running a bit low and needed more fuel.

My subconscious mind has me dreaming about HAES!  My sleep-doctors recognize that there are different individual points at which each individual body will naturally rest and were encouraging eating normally to maintain that healthy and normal weight.  There was no talk of weight-loss or diet-schemes or trying to fit your body into impossible standards modeled by the minority for the masses.  It was very peaceful and had me wake up smiling to think that my mind might be ready to accept what I’ve been reading for a while now and blogging about recently: every body is different.  Each has different needs and requirements.  We need to learn to fuel ourselves in ways that make the most sense and feel best for our own unique lives and bodies.

I had this dream.  And the implications it had for my own path of self-acceptance were humbling and yet encouraging.  Baby steps can be taken.  Already major science is acknowledging that diets don’t work as portrayed to encourage permanent weight loss (within the rhetoric of “obesity is STILL bad buuuut…” of course but at least it is a start.) Studies are showing a correlation between eating as your body needs and remaining mentally and physically healthier.

I’m hopeful that these tiny steps are leading us down the correct path.  Wouldn’t it be nice to think that in some Utopian future our doctors will care about our individual bodies, not as numbers in the large scheme of one-size-fits-all medical practice, but as unique vessels requiring different fuels and levels of use to be and remain in tip-top running condition.  What a nice dream.  I hope the thought brings some light to the start of your week.


2 thoughts on “So, I just had this dream

  1. Bald Soprano ~ that is usually the stuff I get running through my head while I’m awake so I much prefer my dream better too 😀

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