Happy Day!

I super excited that for once everything I voted for ended up passing or not passing just as I was hoping.  Not only that but after about a week we can finally see lawns without political signs again and television without political slander ads.  That’s my favorite part.  It is like getting through Thanksgiving with the stress of having dozens of people all in one house trying to be cordial to each other, which gets increasingly more difficult as the night and flow of booze, if applicable, progresses and coming out on the other side with that “Phew!” feeling.  It is over.  Now the really tough part starts.  It is great to spend 2 years spouting about changes but now we need to see those changes start to slowly happen and I’m excited to be a part of it in any way that I can.

So rather than focusing on some of the crazy diet ads I’ve seen lately that I’ve been thinking about slaying in a post or talking about something else negative I am posting this morning with a light and hopeful heart.  Change is never easy and there will be tough times ahead.  While nothing voted on yesterday is going to have an instant impact in our lives (except maybe to raise or lower our spirits depending on your political leanings) it will have a lasting affect on us and on our country and to that I say, “Cheers!”  Here’s to ringing out the old with dignity and turning towards huge possibilities.  I’m eager to see how we progress as a nation in regards to national issues such as health care, as well as how we grow our reputation again on the world stage with international dealings.

Anyways, one of my few political posts here at “I am in Shape, ROUND is a Shape”.  I’ll be back to the regular ranting and dissection of language and actions now with renewed interest in being a part of this shifting world!


One thought on “Happy Day!

  1. I have to agree. I’m so glad that this is all finally over! Now it’s time to see these changes come instead of just hearing about them. The changes will be slow of course! But I think we have Americans have already made the first step by not voting for the mundane and choosing to bring some fresh air into the White house. Go Change!

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