Wow, I’m honored

Apparently someone over at 12502 Sunrise Valley Dr in Reston, VA, which happens to host Telenet Communications as well as Sprint International, feels they have an inborn right to use company PCs to look for and attempt (hah!) to abuse my fat existence over the interwebs with such amazingly artfully crafted knee-jerk responses to my writings such as “You don’t get fat and I won’t make fun of you”.  Interesting.  How about “Don’t use your work PC to spread hate or act like a temper-tantrum throwing little 3 year old who isn’t getting the toy he wanted for Christmas and I won’t look your IP address up on-line to keep an eye on you until further notice?”  As my late grandmother would say, “Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!”

But on another note I’m just so honored to think that someone is so threatened by what I write, by the ideals I possess, that they feel the need to try multiple times with various names and comments from the same PC to try and break through my comment moderation queue to let their hatred, and thus confirmation of what I am doing, be known.  What a noble feeling.  Indeed.  And I did write that I would not really focus on trolling because I feel it just encourages the behavior.  However, I felt that it was time for some reassessment of my role here and these little haphazard attempts at witty banter I received were just the stimulus I needed for that reassessment.

So thank you for confirming for me just how uplifting and encouraging my words are and will continue to be, and how vital it is that they be heard.  Because you know, if no one was incoherently spitting back at my ideas about treating all human beings with respect, regardless of size (or choices), then it would mean I was being ignored.  And the last thing anyone trying to push a social justice issue wants is to speak and not be heard.

So please, continue to fight me with such “elegance”, such “style” and such “well articulated jibes”.  I love to hear your fear of treating human beings with basic dignity all being boiled down to one childishly thrown slur; it continues to solidify my desire to continue proselytizing about acceptance.  Instead of throwing catch-all phrases and fat-hate bingo slurs why not trying to read about what I’m on about all the time.  Take a moment to think about WHY you are throwing the written equivalent of school-yard taunts. 

Does it make you feel more powerful?  Do you think this here fatty is threatening your life somehow, that asking for every human being to be TREATED as a human being is just too much to handle? Do you think that any fatty you try to type-by slur-sling is asking that you accept her fat and LOVE it and MAKE love to it?  Think again.  To quote one of my favorite authors in this blog sphere:

You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself for not being attracted to fat people; you should be ashamed of yourself for acting like an asshole to fat people. Attraction is personal and subjective. I don’t give a shit what rings your bell, and neither does anyone else in the fat acceptance movement.

I am not here to fill your sexual fantasies.  I’m not here to take up less space because you think I SHOULD.  I’m not here to learn how much “healthier” I could be if I just held myself to conventional norms as you feel I should. I’m here to preach about the joys of learning to accept ourselves as the individuals we are (in the size, shape and incredibly diverse types of bodies we have) in order to better work to accept everyone around us; differences and all.  And I will not apologize for any of that.

And for the record if you’re new to my blog (welcome!) and aren’t up to reading my comment policy page, here’s the first and most important rule, one which shapes the entirety of what I try to do here:

First rule ~ Respect each other. It sounds simple.  When it comes right down to it we’re all people.  Remember that before you post something. The person on the other end of your comments is just as real as you are.  It is easier to be an asshole to words, than to people. Don’t be an asshole.

Also, if ever you do pop by again and want to “trade witty blows” through the anonymity of the interwebs, vainly slashing at the giant dragon-ess of human rights that I feed here, just know that this dragon bites back at trolling.  I’ve got my eye on you.  The dragon is getting hungry again. And thwarted troll injustice tastes good with mayonnaise.


5 thoughts on “Wow, I’m honored

  1. Heehee, thanks living400lbs that comic is perfect!

    Ooo and Twistie I’ve only just been introduced to a fun cranberry chutney by the hubby’s mom last year, thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to ask if she’s making it again this year so maybe I could switch the dragon between tasty chutneys and flavorful mayo mixes 😉

  2. I’m a lurker, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I really enjoy reading a post like this every so often; it keeps my energy up, reminds me why I’m trying to learn to love myself, and keeps the dieting at bay.


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