To make the day less gloomy

I was just trying to come up with some fluff to share for Kate’s recent blog post and thought I would share my happy fluff because while my day hasn’t been bad I’m sure there are others out there who might be having a gloomy day that matches the recent weather (at least here) so here’s my happy “fluff” to share for you all before this weekend:

  1. My NaNoWriMo story is about a librarian with a law degree who gets turned into a chicken and has to not only figure out why everyone in the city has been turned into anthropomorphic animals and she is the only one who remembers being human, but she also has to solve a case of lambs and ewes gone missing. A secret laboratory, government conspiracy, a bit of magic and one crazy duck combine in this crazy tail of intrigue and WTF. 😉
  2. Today’s “Married to the Sea” comic was actually pretty hilarious to me:
  3. I had a dream this morning that a baby kangaroo jumped into my lap and I got to pet it and even put my little finger in its soft little pouch. It was like at most 6 inches tall; like a little kitten-roo. Best dream evah!
  4. And I just recently discovered Hamster on a Piano Eating Popcorn: 

 “And you just keep on eating that popcorn, cause you’ll always be the hamster. On a piano. Eating popcorn. Yeah” 😀


4 thoughts on “To make the day less gloomy

  1. Is it wrong of me to want to go out and get a hamster just to feed it popcorn on Mr. Twistie’s piano?

    It probably is, but I don’t care.

    Your NaNo novel sounds seriously fucked up in the best possible way. I want to read it.

  2. Heehee; thanks about the novel and yeah that hamster thing almost makes me want to get a piano…and a hamster…and some popcorn 😉

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