Threat of the Turkey

Well this year, for the first time on my own, I will be attempting to roast my own Turkey.  I have a brine recipe and cooking recipe and now need to go pick up some very strange assortment of items for both.  I really don’t like turkey all this much but in honor of my wonderful husband’s endearing support (and willingness to always wash dishes if I cook, meaning we both win) I am going to attempt the Turkey instead of a chicken this year; so he can eat a giant Turkey Leg.  That said, I’m a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.  What if it doesn’t come out right?  I mean to me turkey has always been a dry meat you slather with gravy or just avoid all together in favor of the lovely veggies and stuffing and nummy other sides that unerringly find their way to the table.

After reflecting a bit though I must say that if my largest apprehensions are that the house be clean enough and the turkey not taste like total bung; I’ve come a long way.  Thanksgiving has always been a wonderful day of celebration; but it has always always been a day of enforced hunger followed by massive consumption and then an evening of recovery.  DrStaceyNY has a good recent entry about this very phenomenon.  And I have to say, since I’ve stopped that roller-coaster diet band-wagon I’m approaching this holiday not with the mixed anticipation at a day to be “bad” and eat all those “bad” tasty foods and the horror of what it will do to my waistline; but with a full feeling of happiness.  Family.  Friends via phone.  A chance to host a food party (I LOVE to cook and cater to a group!).  And above all, a chance to eat some tasty things without fear that I might over-eat like some tasty-food deprived maniac, all with the knowledge that self-inflicted deprivation starts again the next day on “Black Friday”.

So this Thanksgiving I’m actually giving some thanks for a healthier mindset than I had a year ago.  For my husband and his family; even for mine.  For the traditional Macy*s day parade that I’ll still be watching, heralding the coming of Christmas with Santa’s entrance at the end.  For eating and not being worried about what tomorrow might bring (and how lucky that makes me).  For so much that the Fat-o-sphere has taught me about loving myself and trying to share that message with others.

That is what I’m taking into this holiday.  A lot of thanks, a bit of Turkey-baking dread, a lot of love and none of that dietary restriction mentality that bogged me down for so long.  What do you anticipate/dread the most about this coming feasting day?


3 thoughts on “Threat of the Turkey

  1. My sister covers her turkey in 3-4 layers of cheesecloth, and bastes it with a bottle of wine and 1 stick of butter. Maybe that helps. Hers always seems good. I fear nothing this Thanksgiving; the cooking is all in the hands of more competent people than me.

  2. My mom has had wonderful results with turkey bags. I think they are made by Glad. It’s a special kind of plastic bag, you put the bird in before you stick it in the oven.

    They are in grocery stores right now and the packaging makes it clear that they are designed for cooking turkeys.

    The first time my mom ever used one, I made her swear she’d never cook a turkey without one again because the BREAST was moist and flavorful.

    I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner a lot more now that I’m still eating regular meals on Thanksgiving. I can eat slowly and savor the awesome flavors, that are 1,000 times more awesome when I’m not starving and just wanting to fill my belly.

    I don’t eat until I’m over stuffed because I’m so hungry that I only start to enjoy the flavors when I’m almost full.

    I actually look forward to Thanksgiving now.

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