How I plan to get through the holidays

I have decided upon a very simple plan for getting through the eating anxiety that runs rampant this time of year.  It all boils down to one single rule.  Eat Breakfast.

That’s it.  My snazzy plan in a nut-shell.  I tried this amazingly revolutionary method at Thanksgiving and you know what?  I didn’t overeat at all, despite all those dire warnings before the holidays on-line on ways to avoid gorging on delectable treats.  Wonderfully anticipated foods that had me salivating on an empty stomach by 10 am in years prior were simply eaten as the food they were, as the tasty items made with love and care by people I love.

I enjoyed everything that I DID choose to eat; but having had a good breakfast meant that instead of baking and cooking and getting weaker and being so ready for food that I could not even taste my food come meal time, I actually just sat down to a good meal with fun people and could laugh and enjoy my food and the occasion, rather than concentrate so hard on getting nourishment just IN to my body.

I do wonder if there will be people that are unable to follow even such a simple plan?  With Oprah’s newly posted body-hatred re-fueled and hitting high gear I think many will be doubly anxious now:

How many people will listen to her and will think, “Yeah, I’ve let myself go, too!” instead of “If Oprah has problems with her weight, maybe there’s more to this than just motivation and exercise and salads!”

Indeed.  How many people will be feeling double fear this season?  Instead of just the usual “Oh my goodness holiday weight-gain!” it will now be compounded by “Oh my, I’m ALREADY out of control and we haven’t even GOTTEN through that major holiday yet!”

I say, calm down.  Respect your body and yourself.  Eat breakfast.  Enjoy any holiday parties for what they are; a fun chance to catch up with people in a festive surrounding with good food and maybe some music.  Don’t let what should be a time to celebrate a bit of light and happiness in these days of winter darkness be overshadowed by a pressing need to fit into a smaller size pants just because Oprah doesn’t fit those size 10 denims anymore.  Enjoy the lights, the colorful celebrations, yes even the FOOD!

If you need it, I hereby grant you permission:

  • To eat breakfast so that you can actually ENJOY any following feasts
  • To savor the taste of any of your favorite treats this season with NO associated guilty fear regarding hips or thighs or stomachs somehow magically increasing with each bite
  • To look up at the lights and bright colors and remember that the season, no matter what parts of it you celebrate and in what manner, is at the core about loving and believing that hope will renew; Spring will come again; and until it does we have the warmth and vibrant love we have for each other to keep toasty warm and happy enough to hang on for those green grasses to return.

May you get through the holidays and gain some cheer, some love and some measure of brightness to tide you through until Spring.


3 thoughts on “How I plan to get through the holidays

  1. I’m a big believer in appreciating and enjoying the bounty of the season.

    Tonight I’ll be scanning cookbooks to work out our Christmas dinner. It will include dessert.

    In a bout a week and a half, some friends of ours are holding their annual holiday bash. I can’t wait! They always do an amazing gourmet meal, followed by a big jam session with all the musicians. They’re fabulous cooks, so I intend to feast heartily.

    Good food, good friends, good music…yeah, that’s going to be a goooooood time!

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