A return from the cold and dark; and shimmy supplies

After a very very long and cold weekend I finally have power returned to our home.  From Friday morning at 2 am until just about noon yesterday (Monday) we were in the dark, in the cold and hoping that the critters outside wouldn’t figure out how to untie the knots around our bins of food from the fridge.  It wasn’t the best of long weekends.  And for some who are STILL without power up here in the Northeast it is still a rotten week.  My thoughts and prayers are going out to anyone else still struggling to stay sane and warm.

On the plus side after this incredibly trying period of discomfort; the hubby and I are now pretty crafty with scrabble.  And hey, we now have the added skill of being able to kick some wordy scrabble butt even by candle-light. And for the record it is really fun to play NOT for points but just for fun.  We’ve even learned some fun new words thanks to that scrabble dictionary I forgot that I had!

So I am back and warm and ready to delve into the fun of topics on weight and food and life in general.

To keep a bit of this post more “on-topic” I wanted to give a few awesome links for anyone of any size who likes to shake and shimmy in belly dance fashion.

Videos/How To:

If you’re looking for some free videos to start you off if you’re hesitant to join a class but have always been intrigued by the thought of shaking your belly; I highly recommend an entire youtube series done by kimbrgsm1. (Here’s her work on Shimmies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy5jM-shAiY) She goes over each step clearly and is a lot of fun to follow, and amazing to watch.

Rachel Brice is amazing if you can find anything done by her in a library to borrow or if you can afford to buy it.

Neena and Veena are alright but tend to gear a lot of videos towards losing weight rather than learning the dance well and for fun.

How to sew Shisha Mirrors onto your outfit: (Two sites)

How to make a relatively easy Choli, Tiered Skirt, Coin Bra:

Hair Tassles How-To:

Shira’s advice and how-to page (great resource for some basic to advanced tips, especially if you’re looking to get some great tips and tricks on costuming!)

Hope these provide inspiration! Happy sewing and happy shimmies and please stay safe and warm!


7 thoughts on “A return from the cold and dark; and shimmy supplies

  1. etooz, yeah I’m in Mass and we got slammed pretty hard. It got to about 45 degrees in the house. We opened the windows friday when it got over 50 outside so that we could get WARMER! It was crazy and will be a story to tell our grandkids kinda thing but yeah; it was a long long cold weekend and man does it get dark fast this time of year after the clocks fall back!

  2. Oh man! Somehow, up by Bangor (where I am), we barely got hit. We lost power for maybe…six hours. I know some people around Fitchburg who still are without power. Glad to hear you are up and running again. 🙂

    In 2006 a similar thing happened in Buffalo, where I was without power for nine days.

  3. Oh wow 9 days? I know quite a few people who are in towns that are still entirely dark and might not be back until Christmas so I can’t imagine the frustration! It was like being back in the “olden days” only we didn’t have a woodstove/fireplace so it really wasn’t the same at all!

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