Twas a belly-dance miracle

I posted this over at the Shapely Prose forum as a response to a rather sad and down poem that had been circulated via email about the woes of January being the month for diets after the December of fun.

I wanted to take a more upbeat approach and twist those negative thoughts into something much more fun; like learning to do activities you WANT to do because they are FUN and get you moving!  Thus we have:

‘Twas a belly-dance miracle

‘Twas the month of great feasting but all through the room
Not a person was eating, the feeling was gloom
The TVs were propped up in front of grim stares
Fully determined that “THIN” would be theirs

Bemoaning the tables, round which they had gathered
These people all worked out; to sweat up ’til lathered
And one in her sweatsuit, one in her Lycra
Had both settled in for a long stint of “Light! Ya!”

When out from the corner there arose music clatter
Eyes sprang from the TVs to see what was the matter
Away to my corner they flicked with disdain
Looked over my fatness their shook heads with shame

“Look how they jiggle, her breasts oh-so-fat!
Thank heaven my body does NOT look like THAT!”
Then back to their slaving routines they withdrew
But a lingering doubt, and some jealousy brew

With my large fleshy limbs, so lively and quick,
I flew through my routine, my hips shaking: Chic!
More rapid than eagles my dance moves they came,
And I smiled, and twisted, and called them by name;

“Now Maya! Now, Snake Arms! Now, Belly-Roll Shimmy!
On, Hip-drop! On Chest-lift! On, Slow Undulation!
Spin across to the wall! To the front of the mat!
Now Shimmy Fast! Shimmy Fast! Shimmy Fast, FAT!”

As dry preconceptions started to crumble,
More than one prisoner of exercise would grumble,
“So how can it be that she dances with ease,
With laughter, abandon and large thighs as these?”

And then, in a twinkling, they heard quite a shout,
“The fun and the joy is what this SHOULD be about!
As you drink and be merry so too should you dance,
It’s not about calories, that’s more left to chance.
I can’t eat this cookie, or risk it straight to my hips?’
Children you know it don’t work quite like this!”

A huge skirt of colors I had twirled round my legs,
And I looked like a girl who loves bacon with eggs.
My eyes how they twinkled, my fat dimples plenty!
My cheeks were all rosey, my nose could be twenty!

My bellydance outfit showed off pale skin and more,
And the skin of my arm was not taut or hardcore;
Yet good example I could still gracefully show,
That talented and thin were not quid pro quo;

I had a broad face and a largely round belly,
That shook when I shimmied like a bowlful of jelly.
I was chubby and plump, and just downright full fat
But I laughed and kept dancing, rejoicing in that;

A wink of my eye and a twist of my head,
Soon told the others they had nothing to dread.
I spoke no more words but went back to my motions
And filled all those watchers, with joy and fun notions.

No longer the folk would they lumber in pain,
Doing their best at what they hate oh-so-plain.
They sprang to my side; to their bellies they were kind,
Finally the fault with “Calories In Calories Out” they did find.

And I heard them exclaim, as we shimmied with glee,
“We’re all different shapes, and that’s how we should be!!”


11 thoughts on “Twas a belly-dance miracle

  1. Great poem & a much-needed smile for those of for whom, for many reasons, “the most wonderful time of the year” is often the most difficult & stressful.

    Thanks, April.

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