I resolve…to be unresolved

I made a New Year’s resolution about 3-4 years ago to never again make a New Year’s resolution.  Thus far it is the only one I’ve kept! 😉

I have to agree with Fatadelic’s take on the idea of New Years resolutions: it is just a bad one. If I think there is something about myself, my habits, or any part of my life that needs changing I refuse to fall into the mentality that it needs to have some sort of fresh-chalkboard start date like January 1.  I’m an adult and as such I can choose to make any changes to my life that I desire, at any time.  Screw the 1st of the New Year as a time of “buckling down” as though I must be doing something “wrong”.  I choose instead to accept who I am, hence the whole creation of this here blog.

By learning to accept myself and all the little bits and pieces of my environment and  history that have made me into the person I am today, I am by no means saying that I will never again change.  Self acceptance, at any size, is not about becoming a stagnant image floating through life in a stasis of boring medocrity.  I am accepting the body I have, the activities I like and trying to re-learn how amazing this life is when I’m not constantly putting it on hold to do the things I want to do until I become “something else” or “someone better”.  Setting up resolutions that are simply a way to set myself up for failure is not how I want to go about improving my self acceptance. 

I am who I am.  I am learning to accept that.  I might decide that I want to change up my fashion style within my budget.  I might decide to consciously monitor my personal level of verbal swearing.  Hell I might even resolve to try to find a way to cook brussel sprouts that renders them edible to my palate.  And yet, I might give up on any of these thoughts at any time, perhaps even coming back to them years later.  I could, *gasp* change my mind! It doesn’t make me a failure.  It makes me human.  And there is no resolution you need to make to account for or somehow make-up for being who and what you are.

For next year I have hopes and even some goals, but mostly I have a happy feeling in knowing that life will continue to throw interesting days and experiences my way to test me.  I look forward to each moment with determination and excitement.

And just in case I wake up on the morning of 2009 and have been somehow transformed into a magical fairy, here’s how I’ll look 😉

Wait....since when have I had wings?!?!?

Wait....since when have I had wings?!?!?


7 thoughts on “I resolve…to be unresolved

  1. After you boil your sprouts saute them in a little bit of balsamic vinegar add some lemon pepper and voila – edible brussel sprouts.

  2. I say don’t boil them in the first place. Roast them with olive oil, or saute them in a pan with also olive oil and then simmer them in chicken bouillon until it cooks off (unless you are vegetarian).

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