What brings you comfort?

I love reading the blogs from the folks who are posting their daily “Happiness” lists and wanted to do something similar here where I try to increase the daily motivational messages to folks of all size and shape; but I wanted to take a slightly different approach and work on trying to identify at least one thing that is either providing comfort or a sense of ease or bringing me even a bit of joy each day for each of my senses.

I may not write the list each day but thought that this might be a fun and interesting way to become more aware of my surroundings, especially those that are providing me with positive feelings during these times when negative body image worries, economic fears and overall apprehensions run high…

Hearing ~ The rhythmic flip and turn of book pages

Seeing ~ My Nalgene bottle’s smiling insert

Smelling ~ Adam’s skin after he’s been outside

Tasting ~ Liquid cool sensation of water

Touching ~ Creamy Aveeno smoothed skin


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