Tooting your own horn

Or in this case, tooting MY own horn.  Which is what I spent the majority of this past weekend doing.

What’s that sound?

I have the second solo there.  I just had to post a quick note of how amazing it felt to play with a large group again; and how much difference 10 years of growing self-confidence and improved lung power thanks to all the recent swimming can make on how well I play.  Remember that your size does NOT impede your ability to Rock Out!  *submitting application to join Piggy Moo rock band now*

And now it is on to focus on the belly-dance recital this coming weekend!  Who says you have to wait for a “Thinner tomorrow” to do what you want to do “Fat today”?  I say you can do anything you put your mind to!  Just be careful or you might find that you spend all your weekends doing what you want and might find you LIKE it!

Happy Monday!

ETA: Oh and we only had the music for a month and practiced all together for 1 and a half hours the day before the show so bear that in mind when you watch 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tooting your own horn

  1. Oohhhhhh, I miss playing with a group so much (hey, where are the French horns?!) One of my wishes for the new year is more music in my life. Rock on with your brassy self!

  2. Awesomesauce! You done good, kid!

    I’m looking forward to my local chorus beginning to meet again later this month. I’ve been informed that I WILL be singing a solo, which is a little nervewracking, but oh so exciting.

  3. Twistie solos are awesome! Or at least, I think so now that I’ve been playing for fun 4 times a week with some co-workers. It is amazing how fast your confidence (and skill) goes up with the chance to play with friends and people you like 😀

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