Moment of Praise: Citrus Fruits

I needed to take a moment to praise the wonders of awesomely ripe citrus fruits in the winter. What a wonderful way to brighten a gray day; with a crisp burst of orange-y goodness in your mouth. Mmmmm. Clementines you rock my taste-buds’ world!

About half a year ago I kinda fell into a pattern with breakfasts and lunches that gives the hubby and I a good selection of fruits and veggies in the easiest manner. Mostly that involves having a toasted English muffin and slices of fruit for breakfast and another fruit with lunch (leftovers of dinner the night before).

Lately we have been having clementines since they are on sale and come in a huge bin that lasts almost 2 weeks. The summer-y burst of flavor helps wake me up in the morning and refreshes me at lunch. I must say of all the fruits I’ve given us through these months the clementines are my favorites so far. Yum.

So huzzah for citrus! Hip hip hooray!


6 thoughts on “Moment of Praise: Citrus Fruits

  1. I’m having a friend over for dinner this weekend. My menu plans include a salad that includes oranges and olives, and a wildly OTT bread pudding which I’m going to make with homemade chocolate orange pound cake.

    Oh, and the main dish is going to be roast bass with roast root vegetables. Delisious fish surrounded by carrots, parsnips, and butternut squash.

    I can’t wait to lift the whole meal with those lucious oranges.

  2. I have been buying clementines for the last three months and they come in a bag here too. But I eat one or two everyday, so the bag doesn’t take that long to empty. I wish the stores would sell them all year long. They’re small, easy to peel, and for the most part, seedless.

    • No problem. Citrus helps remind me even as the temps dip below freezing…far far below freezing…that the Earth does keep turning and will eventually bring citrus bearing type weather back my way! Well okay so maybe not citrus bearing temps but at least fruit bearing! 😀

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