THAT’S critical news?!?!

I get emails from the school where I began working on my Master’s degree. Usually they are sports groups announcements, lunch menus, upcoming events, that sort of thing, in which anyone attending the university might have an interest. Once in a while the emails will be tagged as a “Critical Notification”.  Thus far these sorts of critical notes have contained snow alerts or cancellations, etc.  Stuff that you might want to know right away in a sort of urgent manner.  Except for today.

Today’s “Critical Notification”? Anyone want to guess?  Weight Watchers will be on campus for sign-ups this week (Starting TODAY!) for a “discounted” price to certain health plan holders!  Whooo!  Oh and even better, the “deal” for these health plan holders is that $150 of the $156 for 12 weeks of classes is covered. (So 12 weeks of weigh-ins would only cost you $6!  Whee!)

WTF? Anyone else happen to think that they’d MUCH rather be given $150 towards more fresh veggies for 12 weeks or towards going to an exercise class they like instead of getting a handful of useless “diet tips” and getting the dubious privilege of being weighed-in front of a room of “peers” and judged as a liar or golden-child based solely on what “loss” that scale might show?!?!?

So, yup. Apparently diet-group recruiters merit the “Critical Notification” tag according to the email list-group’s moderator. Wonderful.

Perhaps it is just my mood today but all I can say to that is “TTTBbbbbbbbpppppt!”



8 thoughts on “THAT’S critical news?!?!

  1. Meh. In comparison, my aquagym class, which happens to last 12 weeks, costs $80 for two classes/week (or $55 for once weekly). So, for $150, one can get that class plus treat herself to a good bathing suit…

  2. Maybe I’m just in a bitchy mood today, but I would complain about the misuse of the “Critical Notification” tag. Keep cluttering it up with what’s basically spam–a company coming on campus trying to sell a service to students–and people will miss the cancellations because “Critical Notifications” will go to the junk folder.

  3. Here’s a copy of the email I sent to our school’s “Health Services” in response to a WW announcement:

    Please remove me from the list of those receiving emails about dieting. There are no studies suggesting that Weight Watchers (or any other commercial program) works for long-term weight loss in a statistically significant number of people, and any number of good, sound studies suggesting that it doesn’t.

    I find it medically irresponsible for Health Services to actively encourage employees to buy into a commercial program that has remarkably poor outcomes in long-term clinical studies and which banks on failure, profiting on the self-hatred of people (primarily women—who are Weight Watchers big money-makers) and encouraging weight-cycling in millions of customers, even as growing clinical evidence suggests that exercise is a better indicator of health outcomes than weight or BMI.

  4. Miriam thank you for that; I will only need to tweak a few words and can send that to the moderator of this list-serv; hopefully to good use! If you don’t mind me copying it that is…

  5. I completely don’t mind. Also, it appears I accidentally left out a possessive (should be “who are Weight Watchers’ big money-makers”).

  6. Critical notices should be about actually critical things…like storm warnings or sudden significant changes to schedules. They should not be used to sell any product or service, particularly if that product or service has nothing to do with the school or business.

    (does best rockhopper penguin impression and humphs mightily)

  7. Twistie I love the hurumphing penguins ^^ Thanks for that uplifting mental image! And yea, I feel that “Critical” means “watch out for a lose criminal!” or “Water main broken, no plumbing in campus” or “Snow cancels all classes”. You know, stuff you’d be critically interested in knowing. NOT “Uh, dudes there’s a weight-loss clinic. Hu-yuck! Um…yeah it’s CRITICAL you all go and stop being fat!”

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