I have pink chubby feet

I heard the BEST thing from the mouth of a little girl yesterday.  I was changing out of my swimsuit in the gym locker room and a little girl was getting her hair blown-dry.  I’m not sure what prompted her to say this since I was turned the other way but all of a sudden in the most wonderfully happy little voice she exclaimed “I have chubby feet!!”  Then she giggled and amended her declaration further, “I have PINK chubby feet! You want to eat them all up, don’t you?” This too was followed by happy laughter and sounds of agreement from her mother.

Now I have no idea of the relationship between this girl and her mother or the sorts of games they play but the delighted giggles from the girl made it very clear that none of her statements were self-deprecating.  She was stating facts about her body, reveling in the parts that make her, HER and loving them, and sure too that everyone else must love these amazing parts too.  “I have chubby feet and you know you love them!”

It was the most heart-lifting thing in the world to me to hear this little girl proclaiming that her feet were pink, chubby and delicious, and sounding so wonderfully happy and excited about it.  THAT’S the sort of unquestioning body-love and self-acceptance I’d love to get towards.  I know I’ll never again have the sort of young and childlike conviction of innocence behind any sort of motions I take now to love my own body and all its wonderful parts and pieces.  But I can’t help but think that maybe a little more of that simple and honest thinking, shared with me just by chance yesterday, might help me along. 

I too have chubby feet.  And you know you want to just eat them right up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I have pink chubby feet

  1. I do not have pink chubby feet. In fact, I have long bony feet that really don’t like to wear shoes at all if it’s an option (which, in this bitter Michigan winter, isn’t).

  2. librarychair I hear you about not wanting to wear shoes. My preferred foot covering is simply the skin they come with! But alas, here near Boston it is not an option now either! Good luck in all that Michigan cold.

    Fat Angie I love when kitties sleep on my tummy, is that the sort of “other cute things” you refer to?

    Jen I never went much for pinching cheeks (ow!) but love the French (or is it all of Europe who does it?) habit of touching cheeks with friends 🙂

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