I just finished reading a book that was very interesting and well-written.  It contained many gems, one of which I’d like to share with you today to start off this last week of January with a bit of self-love.  The topic is legs. 

Of all body parts maligned, legs (hips, thighs, buttocks) are often high on the list of those first chosen for verbal self-slander. I challenge you to take one day and resist the urge to bad-mouth those legs of yours.  Our legs deserve to be appreciated; as does every part of our bodies, but we’ll work on that one bit at a time.

Most of us are not happy with our legs, which we find either too short, too thick or too thin.


Sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. Take a look at them, letting your eyes glide over your calves and your knees, all the way to your thighs.


Look at all the so-called “defects” that disturb you about your legs – the weak connective tissue, the undesired split capillaries or varicose veins, the unwanted shapes, and the cellulite.


Let your gaze brush softly and quietly over your legs and let them tell you your story.  For each of these [limbs], like the expressive wrinkles of your face, carries in itself your experiences, your personal life story, your soul.  Accept what seems ugly to you as something meaningful and do not let yourself be devastated by common beauty standards.


Bring your legs to your breast and hug them as you would a beloved human being. Love and attention are two things that can carry the whole world.

“Grandmother’s Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing” Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi (page 118-120)

So, take a moment to start your week with a bit of internal reflection upon these amazing things we call legs.  Whether you use them to dance, to jump, to run, to walk, or even just stretch them before you if you don’t or are unable to do any of the above; whether they are one of your favorite body parts, loved and cherished, or your most despised, reviled or shamed, consider that they too are part of you and have a story to tell (betcha mine are singing “La Vida Loca”).

Every time you find yourself start that mental-abuse; before you open your mouth to deride those hips you feel are over-sized or those thighs you wish were smoother or clearer, think instead of loving these limbs, appreciating them, and amazing at the stories they tell about our own lives.  I’d even suggest you could (and should) consider trying the above with any and all of your body parts.  Though, it might be hard to hug your ears.


5 thoughts on “Leg-Loving

  1. I’ve always thought I had awesome legs. Mostly because of my monstrous and well defined calf muscles. So this assignment is really easy.

  2. This is a really timely post, considering how I’ve been feeling. I’m working on some dresses for summer. I decided that I need to start wearing dresses and skirts again. My main reason for avoiding them, and short, is my calves. I have really big calves, because they’re very very muscular. I’ve always been self-conscious of them, even when I was much thinner. I could never buy taller boots, or “skinny” pants because of them. I need to work on embracing them, and appreciating how strong they are.

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