Fat Animals in Nature

When someone against the concept I propose here; of human beings loving themselves for who they are regardless of how fat or thin they may be; tries to use “logical arguments” to provide the necessary proof that Fat is Unhealthy (and therefore should be reviled, shamed and driven out of any body that is its host); I will inevitably hear something along the lines of “But it is UNNATURAL!  You don’t see any fat animals in nature, do you?”  And, as if those few words and the anecdotal evidence they are meant to bring to the front of your mind are proof enough (that’s just how it is, doncha know?); the proponents of Fat is Evil (and therefore Fat Bodies are Sin on Earth) dust off their sparring hands and grin as if to say, “Ha HAH!  Check-mate bitchez!”

Well, fine.  You want to fight science with anecdata instead of having a civil discussion?  I will go out and find some examples of “Fat Animals in Nature”.  Because you know what?  Fat is simply a tissue, a part of nature, a NATURAL part of our bodies.  With no other form of tissue do we form such a love-hate relationship as we do with adipose tissue.  And yet, it is a naturally occurring substance that our bodies strive to produce and hold onto.  And this “sinful” tissue is not unique to humans. Animals carry fat too. Just because we don’t have a BMI system with which to measure the wild animals in our environment, doesn’t mean they do not have “Fat” on them; it doesn’t mean they can’t be Fat.

And no, I’m not just talking about the pets (cats, dogs) over which people get all huffy, thinking that only us humans would find ways to ruin nature and create obesity in nature’s beasts. I’m talking about nature itself, showing us animals, wild and natural, daring to have that dreaded FAT upon their frames.  Perhaps these are the lucky survivors in a harsh world.  Perhaps they are genetically pre-destined to be the size and shape they are.  I’m going to bet though that none of the animals I’m about to show you end up wasting time every day wondering if eating that next bite will be the act that renders them “too fat”.

So, without further ado, I bring you Fat Animals in Nature!  Start the show critters, and let that fatty tissue sway as you grace our Natural Runway Show….

First up, camels!  Think that huge hump contains water?  Think again.  Each camels hump can contain up to 80 pounds of fat.

First up, camels! Think that huge hump contains water? Think again. It holds fat. Up to 80 pounds of Fat.

Next up, Southern Right Whales. They are the fattest whales, with nearly half of their bodies made up of blubber.

Next up, Southern Right Whales. They are the fattest whales, with nearly half of their bodies made up of blubber.

I wonder if this gorilla is pondering his waist to hip ratio.

I wonder if this gorilla is pondering his waist to hip ratio.

Maybe someone should have told that chubby zebra that horizontal stripes arent flattering!

Maybe someone should have told that chubby zebra up in front that horizontal stripes aren't flattering!

Maybe it is just a LAZY fish.  Would explain how it got caught at least.

Maybe it is just a LAZY fish. Would explain how it got caught at least.

Im uh...not fat!  Im FLUFFY!  Really REALLY fluffy!

I'm uh...not fat! I'm FLUFFY! Really REALLY fluffy!

Maybe it is all that cracked corn!  I KNEW I should have asked that birdfeeder for a calorie menu!

Maybe it is all that cracked corn! I KNEW I should have asked that birdfeeder for a calorie menu!

Stop trying to assure the masses that there is one set way we are all supposed to appear.  Human beings have bodies that come in many variations of shape and size.  So do animals.  It is, afterall, natural.


25 thoughts on “Fat Animals in Nature

    • I did fluctuate back and forth in trying to decide upon adding the possibly pregnant zebra but, as we human women who have been mistaken for pregnant when fat or vice-versa, it is entirely possible that the zebra is pregnant OR fat OR both 🙂

  1. Hee, wonderful!
    (Though, to be fair, that ‘fat zebra’ is very possibly pregnant.)
    I’ve been trying to explain to people that ‘fatter’ cats and dogs today are almost certinly due to the much higher percentage of rescued animals and their descendents (vs. breeder-obtained animals) among domestic companion animals than in the past — only animals with ‘thrifty genes’ are going to be likely to survive as stray or feral animals.

  2. My favorite argument is that we evolved to eat a certain diet and have a certain amount of body fat. You never see a fat caveman!

    Ummm…because you’ve never SEEN a caveman. You’ve seen skeletal remains and artist’s renditions based on their best guess. How much skeletal evidence do they actually have? (Not much, last I heard.)

    Then, there is always the fact that, until recently, certain body types were more common in certain areas, a fact used to support the theory of evolution. People in cold climates tend to have longer torsoes, wider bone structures, an apple shape, and carry more body fat in order to preserve body heat and survive cold climates. People in hot climates tend to be taller, thinner, have narrow bone structures, and shorter torsoes because that shape is more well-suited to survival in a hot climate.

    Is evolution unnatural? Wait, what happened to your evolutionary theory about the diet we are supposed to eat and the body types we are supposed to be attracted to?

    People who actually study science don’t tend to sit around whining about how gross fat people are because scientists are too busy using their educations to do interesting things. People who whine about how it’s unnatural for people to be fat, got all of their information from sources real scientist mock.

    Also, real scientists know how to booze it up and have a good time despite the popular stereotype. In fact, they are more fun to booze with because they do interesting things with their booze, but now I’m giving away secrets. Don’t listen to me, I just made that up 😉

  3. As for the fat cavemen, I can only say, google Venus of Willendorf. Then we can speak about how it’s only natural to be attracted only to healthy i.e. stick-thin people and how it was unnatural for cavemen to have fat on their bodies 😛

  4. I saw a great one that was a fat male lion. I can’t for the life of me remember where it was, though. 🙂

    As someone who owns many bird feeders, I have seen a variety of squirrels at different weights.

    Also, one can argue that when given access to regular food and security, you’re more likely to see the natural variation in body sizes of humans and animals alike. A great example is several pets in the same household, some which are fat, some which are not. This is very commonplace. 🙂

  5. Bigliberty I was trying to find a lion image that I seem to remember too but maybe it was a zoo image and I was trying to stick with just “wild” images where possible to avoid “Well, those are hand-fed by workers in zoos and spoiled” or some such arguments 😉

  6. What cute fat animals! The poor fish looks embarrassed, though, as much as you can tell the expression of a fish.

    “Oh, man, I can’t believe this dude caught me.”

    Isn’t it possible to tell to some degree how much a person weighed in life by examining their bones? I wonder if anyone has done this to the fossil bones of the so-called cavemen.

  7. “But it is UNNATURAL! You don’t see any fat animals in nature, do you?”

    Hang on, isn’t that the same as ‘no gay animals’?

    Recycling clapped out cliches, booooring.

  8. I just looked up dodos in Wikipedia for some reason, and I shit you not there was a whole bit about how dodos weren’t really fat, that idea just came about because of overfed animals in captivity. Yeah, someone got exercised over the idea that people might slander dodos by thinking of them as fat.

    • Those poor fat dodos! *gives them a chubby hug*

      And Wriggles, yeah the topic is the same but the moral certitude of those proponents of NATURE not showing either fat or gay tendencies is certainly coming from the same sort of attitude.

  9. As for the idea that cats and dogs are all only fat because they’re overfed and spoiled, a pet cat my family had when I was a teenager went and gave birth to a litter of four kittens. We kept the kittens and raised them.

    Out of the four, one did turn out to be fat. All four cats were fed the precise same amount of food on the same schedule…except that the fat one, Sonya, tended to get distracted easily and often had her abandoned food eaten by a thinner brother.

    Then again, I don’t recall Sonya hitting the gym after meals, either. That must be what happened.

    Great pics.

  10. Yes, our cats are siblings; while the female is a little pudgy, the male is HUGE (both muscle and fat). Same food, same activities, substantial size difference.

  11. You just make my day, April. My poor cat has been told to lose 2 pounds (ok, actually the vet told me he had to lose 2 pounds.) He hates his food and hardly eats any but I swear he’s fatter than ever. He’s probably about 25 pounds at this point – it’s getting hard to pick him up (which might be his master plan.) And while he does get some exercise from picking a fight with the dog and running to high ground, it’s not what we would call an exercise regime. Maybe I should show him this website so he feels better about himself.

    Or maybe I should try feeding him canned food.

    • Glad to make your day irrational thinker! I always get so frustrated and sad when I see all the “diet food” for pets in the stores. As though no matter what, we darned humans can’t control our own feeding frenzies and seem to want our pets to join in! Passing the legacy of fat from us to our pets….although I wonder if someone thin with a fat pet would get the same treatment at a vet’s office as far as the moral brigade goes.

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  13. Very clear point there Mhari. She looks “healthy” but definitely unnatural. Hahahaha. It’s strange though, in the States being ‘big’ is not good; in the Caribbean being ‘thin’ is not good (for women at least) Sigh, why bother to try pleasing the masses?

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