They’ll ride down with wear

Anyone familiar with that awesomeness that is “Are you being served” might read the title to this post and get a giggle and flush of memories (or not).

I went shopping this weekend and tried to get another pair of jeans.  I have a good pair from Lane Bryant and wanted to see about getting another pair in a different color.  You know, so I had more than 1 to swap around during the week!  Well I was trying on a pair of Average length and realized that they were too long; remembering belatedly that I needed petite sizes for the length at LB or risk dragging 4 inches of pants around my heels.

I opened the door and there was a manager right there taking inventory so I kindly asked if she knew of any petites in my size for these pants. After explaining that NO I do not wear big heeled shoes, only flats, she still explained that I wanted the average pants because they ride up with washing.  Now I can appreciate someone trying to warn you about clothing that might alter after washing.  But seriously?  No pair of denim is ever going to raise up 4 freaking inches in the wash.  So just like I’m glad I bought the larger size of pant the LAST time I went to LB and was told I should get the smaller size because the pants will “stretch out” with wear, I’m thinking I’m very glad I didn’t try to buy a pair of extra long pants with the hope that enough washing and drying might shrink them so much!

So I guess the point of this post is just to mildly whine at clothing manufacturers in general with a wail of “Why?  Why do you think that once a woman’s weight creeps up over 200 that immediately her proportions run to 8′ long legs and huge breasts?!??!”  I should show you the size of the underwire that I finally broke down and pulled out of my new swimsuit…it would easily fit around my head.

I guess I’ll just never understand why clothing is made to perfectly fit ONLY about 3 bodies and the rest of us have to make do and “make it work”.  I wish we were in the age of tailors and custom made clothing; especially pants!

That said though I found an awesome 2X shirt from the Disney store (A self-admitted cartoon addict and lover of Eeyore!) that is pink and SOOO comfortable around the armpits (one of the hardest spots for me to fit shirts) and has Piglet in brown outlined on the side.  Fun shirt to make up for no pants.  Still need pants though….


23 thoughts on “They’ll ride down with wear

  1. I also have stumpy legs and little boobs for a fat woman. It makes clothes buying a terrible experience. I have a not-as-fat but very long-legged friend who normally wears tall pants but gets average pants at LB. We both make fun of all the extra material (usually in the armpit region) of LB (and Avenue) shirts. Yes, some women need that extra space. We do not and just look like crap in those styles.

  2. I finally gave up and am (slowly) teaching myself to sew because I hate clothes shopping over the internet, and the fat clothing stores in my area just do not carry clothing for my body type. I’m just waiting for the day where you go into a machine, get measured, and have your clothes custom made for you by the machine on the spot.

  3. Hell, I do have long legs and huge breasts and the clothing doesn’t fit me either. I have a long torso and normal rise pants don’t fit me right, I have to buy talls and hem or cuff them in order to keep my pants on. They don’t shrink with washing, or at least, not lengthwise.

    I freakin love “Are you being served?”

  4. You know, it’s not so much that the LB jeans ride up, but that they continue to shrink. More times than I ‘d like to admit I’ve bought a pair of the petites that fit perfectly in the store, and then within a month or two they’re ludicrous-looking high waters, showing an inch of sock. This has happened with their old jeans and the new right fit ones. I say get the long ones, then have them hemmed so that they’re still just a touch too long. Learn from my mistakes! 🙂

  5. At nearly 5’6″, I am in no way petite in any measure. But I always buy the Lane Bryant petite size jeans. The inseams on their jeans are just too crazy long for me, like you said, about four inches easy. I don’t ever listen to what the LB salespeople say, because they don’t know what they’re talking about half the time.

    If you do get the petites and get worried about them shrinking, just wash in cool and hang to dry. It’s better for them anyway. It’ll keep your jeans dark for longer and in better shape.

  6. How funny – I always think that button-down shirts, in particular, seem to assume that anyone plus-sized has tiny boobs for the rest of their frame, because they ALWAYS pull across my chest!

    I’d probably get the regulars and hem them up if you’re concerned the petites will shrink, but I bought petite in LB jeans and haven’t had any trouble with shrinkage.

  7. RoseCampion that’s what’s funny is I’m easily 5’6″ and always fit into “average” length jeans; except at LB! And I usually can’t be bothered to let jeans slowly dry…mostly now since I only have the one pair! 🙂

  8. I always feel like as soon as you hit the plus sizes it’s assumed you’re short. But then again, I’m 6’1″ so… a lot of people are shorter than me.

    While the tall inseams work alright for me, they aren’t as long as I’d like them to be, since I like to wear heels. But any sort of fitted shirt, or blazer or anything with long sleeves really, I can’t wear without looking silly. The sleeves never make it to my wrist.

  9. I have Right Fit jeans from LB, from Fashion Bug, & from Catherine (all part of the same company, you know), & the ones from Catherine’s & Fashion Bug are fine in length. However, the Right Fit, which I have had for over 14 months & have washed repeatedly, did indeed shrink some in the body, but have to be rolled up once or twice in order for me to wear them, & I too am around 5’6″. Some jeans do seem to shrink maybe an inch or so in length over the time I have them & wash them, but there is no way in hell that a pair of jeans which starts out with an inseam of 32 1/2″ to 33″ will ever shrink enough in length to fit a reasonably short-bodied & long-torsed average height woman, or indeed most average-height women unless they have very long legs for their height. And since I have cerebral palsy & arthritis & cannot wear high heels for any reason & it also does not fit my personality or lifestyle to wear them in any case, I sure as hell don’t need the extra length to accomodate my shoes.

    I live in jeans, btw, & have 7 or 8 pairs, but most of them have been from a little to a lot too long & they are all, except for one pair of the old classic style from LB, average length. Those are petites & have shrunk enough to be little short when I am sitting but still fine when I am standing.

    I do mail order, as I live in central Maine, a place difficult to find a lot of different clothes & I like getting packages, but I also have had experiences when I HAVE gone to the Lane Bryant store with a clerk thinking she knew better than I did what size I needed or what style I really wanted. I may be the folks at “What Not To Wear”‘s nightmare, but I like what I like & I want to be able to buy & wear what I want.

  10. I’m a big fan of Land’s End since you can have most pants hemmed at the perfect length. I have a few types that I have been buying for years. They occasionally offer free shipping, and lately it’s more frequent as they seem to be trying to encourage sales. I love the sports pants (not the stretchy one). They are nice slacks for work and come in six colors, and once in a while they offer additional colors. I’m also really happy with some jeans I got there on clearance last spring. You can always return things to Sears without paying return shipping fees. They offer lots of their products in plus sizes and I really watch the overstocks sales. Everything I get there lasts forever.

  11. Ditto on “Are You Being Served!”

    I’m 5’9, 340-ish, and one time I accidentally bought a pair of petite black dress pants from LB, but it turns out the length was fine, because a lot of their average pant legs end up underneath my shoe, and I don’t wear high heels. I have one pair of their Right Fit Jeans, and while the length is okay, and they’re extremely comfortable, I have noticed they do stretch out. And for someone that is longwaisted, stretched-out jeans can be extremely uncomfortable.

    I totally agree with Heidi that many button down shirts are not made for women with large chests. I have the stereotypical plus-size clothing body—thunder thighs, a rack of doom, and big upper arms, so you think I’d have no trouble at all finding clothing. For the most part I don’t, but I wish these retailers would stop cutting their button down shirts so snug and give some more breathing room. On the other end, mail order catalogs cut their button down shirts so large, I look like a big ol’ lumberjack in them. With these shirts, there is no happy medium.

  12. I was happy to actually be able to wear the regular and not the tall in the right fit jeans. I thought, “wow, they’re finally waking up to the fact that taller people also tend to be bigger around.”

    I guess we’re all self-centered at heart.

  13. ZaftigWendy I guess it is a bit much to want manufacturers to cater to the wide diversity of human beings but I still think of it as a great pipe dream! 🙂

    And on the button shirts I have to say I hadn’t noticed since I’ve really always hated button-down shirts because they tend to gap in front and that makes me irritable to feel like I should be hunching over so people are getting a straight-line view into my bra!

  14. Is it possible you (including other commenters) are being too critical of the fit? Of course you should not not have to wear uncomfortable clothes, but I bet you look great in clothes even if they are a little loose. I have 40″ hips and a 32″ bust (which is different than a 32A. It would be like a 30AA if I wore a bra)and while dresses fit me a little differently than intended, eh, you know what, they are pretty cute anyway.

    Re the jeans- do LB jeans not have any stretch? I have bought/inherited a 3 size range of jeans from the same manufacturer that all fit because the denim has some give.(and as I said i am not super picky about fit)

  15. Caitlan I’m all for “fit” allowing for a range of possible acceptances for clothing from “WOW fantabulous” to “Eh, it’ll work” but for some items (like button up shirts for me and it seems some others too) there just never seems to be a chance to even GET to the “eh” level.

    On jeans it isn’t the waist fit that perplexes me as much as the length; which as TOO much give 🙂 I guess as you said there are all different levels of comfort we can each have with the range of fit we’re willing to allow clothing to have in order to deem it worthy of wearing.

  16. I can get by with longer jeans as long as they fit comfortably in the waist, belly, & hips (I am an hourglass who has become more of an apple with aging & have always had a rounded belly for my size, so I am a yellow Right Fit). I roll them up & they are okay. Right now I am looking for a pair of light wash/bleached/faded jeans which I like, since I do love the ‘skinny’ jeans, with narrow ankles & I need jeans which fit comfortably through my midsection without being baggy through the hips & thighs. I have been looking at Torrid, & they have a few pairs of faded/bleached jeans, but I prefer not to pay over $50 a pair for jeans which already have holes in them. (I am 59, so I guess my age is showing, I like to wear the holes in my jeans myself, by, you know, actual WEAR.)

    As for button shirts, I don’t wear them much, but I do have a couple from Silhouettes, the striped poplin shirts, which I bought in 2X (I am a 20-22, 44D, for reference), so they are big, long, & loose, & there are no gaping problems. I have also had a couple of big denim shirts from Junonia I liked, but mostly I live in t-shirts &/or hoodies. I happen to love loose shirts, so I usually buy them a size bigger than I actually think I need, since I too am uncomfortable (physically & psychologically) with shirts showing my bra &/or boobs & or anything which is too tight for my arms to move freely.

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