When life gets too hectic

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Sometimes you have to slow down, turn off all the noise and hub-bub around you and just breathe.  Even if you don’t have the time to leisurely stroll through the rose-gardens of your mind to smell the blossoms.  Even if you have barely 10 minutes to sleep/eat/breathe/live between the responsibilities and pressures coming at you from all sides; please take a moment, however small, and remember to take at least one breath for yourself before getting back on that frantically-paced treadmill of activities we call life!

Or, the short version, if you’re not feeling so philosophical this morning, “Heehee!  Mice on wheel!  Maybe I should take a look around to make sure I’m not getting too caught up in the “what is getting done, has yet to be done, will soon be done, must be done…gah!” cycle like those mice!”

Just a mental reminder from your friendly self-acceptance promoter to take a deep breathe for yourself once in a while!


3 thoughts on “When life gets too hectic

  1. A timely reminder that I intend to make use of today.

    Too many of us put ourselves last in our own lives. That just winds up leading to stress, resentment, and frustration in the longrun.

    Me? I’m going out on the front porch with my lace pillow today…and then I may come in and write something creative, because words are my best toys.

    I’ve also informed Mr. Twistie that he IS getting all those odds and ends from the music room out of my kitchen by the weekend come hell or high water. I know they need to go somewhere, but dammit, I have plans to bake this weekend and I can’t do it if I can’t even reach my mixer, let alone get into the cupboards where I keep my measuring cups, pie pans, and mixing bowls. He’s had all that stuff in there for two weeks now, I think that’s plenty of time to work it out.

    In the longrun, he’ll win because when I bake not only are there delicious smells and tastes in the house, but I’m in a hell of a lot better mood.

  2. I just wandered over here from ShapelyProse – and I have to thank you for that totally awesome picture! My week has felt very overwhelming, and the picture made me giggle madly and feel a whole lot better, and like maybe I do have the energy to get back to work (which involves mice).

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