Little April Fish

I’m not a huge (ha!) fan of the April Fool’s Day “holiday”. Being named “April” is one major reason but also because usually what people like to call “pranks” is really just a very thinly veiled act of meanness.  So I don’t intend to spread nasty rumors or break computers with an complex (or simple!) virus or call people names and shout out “Ha ha! No really, it’s okay that I said it because April Fools!”

Instead I am pointing you to an interesting little growing blog I just discovered with fun recipes and pictures of foods and meals and snacks.  The author gives recipes of her own trials with baking and these are often filled with clear and beautiful go-along photos as well.  So, if today instead of becoming just another “April Fish” you’d rather sit back and read some well-written posts on good foods then head on over to Little Spoon Eats and enjoy!

Poisson d'avril (April Fish!)

Poisson d'avril (April Fish!)


One thought on “Little April Fish

  1. Thanks, April. I also have no use for the foolish, sophomoric ‘pranks’ of April Fool’s Day. However, I am seldom in a situation or place on this day where I need to worry about them, so I know that I am luckier than many people.

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