Not judging by looks

I don’t watch much of the new versions of the classic show Star Search but couldn’t resist passing along this tid-bit from the Britain’s Got Talent trials. Preconceptions are slammed with a bit of “Ha HA! Take THAT” in this amazing bit of song from a body that doesn’t fit the standard media portrayal of what amazing singers need to look like in order to be allowed to share their talent.

(Here is the link if embedding is disabled:

So yeah, take a bit of a moment to listen to some beautiful singing if you can bear to hear it come from the lips of a wonderful but non-standard diva!  And maybe get a bit inspired by it.  Remember that the body you have does NOT automatically limit some of the amazing things you can do simply because it does not comform to the popular image of what you SHOULD look like.

**ETA: Just a warning that if you get caught up in the emotions of a great song then this just might be a tear-jerker/tissue needer!***


12 thoughts on “Not judging by looks

  1. You should put a disclaimer that piles of tissues will be needed while watching this clip….Blubbered like a baby!

  2. She really does have SUCH an amazing voice. As they would say in her neck of the woods, good on her for showing them!

  3. I want a Susan Boyle T-shirt!! What an inspiration and I love how the oh-so-cool, complacent, smug judges were completely blown away by her talent and her cheeky attitude. This makes me so happy!

  4. See this is where we have to give British TV credit. They recognized ‘Britons Got Talent’ is about just that; TALENT. They realize ANYONE can have it and that looking like Britney Spears does not guarantee you do.

    This would / will never happen in America.

  5. Oh, wow. Just… wow. She sounds better than the woman singing the song on my Les Mis CD!

    I asked my husband, the music-lover, just last weekend if he ever thought about all the real talent we’re missing out on because the talent isn’t considered marketable (i.e. thin and beautiful). It makes me sad to think that had talented singers like Rosemary Clooney been born just a couple generations later, she’d never have gotten a chance.

    • Rachel I too love her voice. What a beautiful skill and talent that people were so ready to never give a chance just because of how she looked when she walked out on that stage at first!

  6. I loved the way she gave it to them; I have to admit, I had tears when I watched it. But, I think the way the audience, the judges (and those two twerps backstage, who are they?) reacted to her afterwards was just as bad as the disdain they showed her beforehand. There was an extra element to it, an emphasis (“Wow! I don’t believe *you* did that!”) that wouldn’t have been there if she had fit the mold and still blown them away with that voice. Maybe I’m a little sensitive, because I’ve been on the receiving end of those kind of comments before. But I don’t think Susan has made any ind of dent in people’s attitudes. Much as I wish it were different.

    • Tanz sadly I have to agree. I doubt this did more than make those folks feel all proud of themselves for not picking on her afterwards with their sort of backhanding compliment style discussion. Yet I still can’t stop listening to that woman’s singing.

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