Fun and hair

Okay well I’m about to embark on a new hair adventure because I’ve realized I HATE having my hair on my neck and in my eyes.  I’m also completely dis-inclined to ever use a blow-dryer.  No really.  Not even for 5 minutes.  Hate using it.  Need something simple.

SO with that in mind I’ve been looking at images and trying to decide upon a haircut.  Since I’m in a bouncy mood and can’t seem to focus much on crafting a good response to a comment/question left by Veronica at an earlier thread (I’m working on it, trust me!) I thought I’d share my silly hair-mussings instead.

Needs to be SHORTER. (NO blowdryer time.  I can’t be bothered).  This means at most wash, dry and run gel through it. Bam!

FUN and sassy.  Layers, spikes, whatever

Not SO short that Adam D cries (I prefer if he didn’t grow a beard so I’m willing to compromise and agree not to shave my head entirely or near bald in exchange)

Auburn color with good distinct highlights

OPTION 3 Image removed (link broken)

Any other good ideas out there for easy-to-maintain short hairstyles? Sites you enjoy going to for hair advice? (Ones that don’t say “If you have a round face avoid short hair” and such nonsense?)And if you really don’t give a darn what I do with my hair I offer for your amusement this Wednesday: Slow Loris


20 thoughts on “Fun and hair

  1. I have a round face and a fabulous short ‘do and I think it’s much more flattering on me than when I had longer hair. I do use a blowdryer, but it’s quick, easy and painless. I then spike my hair up using a paste-like substance and I’m good to go. The entire process takes maybe 4-5 minutes, tops. I get tons of compliments on my cut and lots of requests for the name of my stylist. You can see me on a good hair day here and a side view here.

    • 4-5 minutes eh? Hmmm….might be do-able. I do love your hairstyle Rachel! Maybe I’ll take all the pics and ask the hair dresser what she feels would be easiest within a few minutes of work…?

  2. These are all great styles, however they are deceiving in that just because they are worn short, does not mean they are easy to maintain. In fact, those hairstyles require even more effort every morning if you are going to achieve that exact look in the photos. Because if you arent straightening and fussing over the hair to get it nice and pin-straight like that, it’s just going to puff up and fly in all directions. I know this because I have a friend with almost the exact cut in the last pic, and she goes through hell to get it to look that good every morning.
    So yeah, if you’re against all the work that goes into it, I don’t think any of these would be options. Sorry. 😦

    • Hmmm well that’s disappointing but I still have faith that with the right layers and maybe a bit of gel run through on fingertips that I could get a nice style still. My new hairdresser has been very fun so far so I’ll see what she suggests…

      • I run gel through my hair when it’s wet, but it’s the putty that’s crucial to my style. After blowdrying, I use V05 Extreme Reworkable Putty to spike it up. A container of it costs about $3.70, but it doesn’t take much and I mix it with water, so it lasts me quite a long time. I then spray it all with hairspray. I’ve had long hair, medium-length hair and short hair and this style is the easiest for me to maintain, by far. It gets more difficult to style when it gets longer, but I also have really, really thick hair. I go for a trim about every 4-5 weeks or so.

  3. I would bring in a couple of pics and talk with your stylist about what your hair will and will not do, and how it compares to the sort of look you’re considering. (s)he might have some good suggestions for how to get close to the look you want while keeping your eyes clear of hair and your blow dryer in the closet.

    • Good idea Twistie. Might find out that there are some good options available that don’t get seen often since most women (or men?) are willing to take the time to use that blasted blow-dryer!

  4. ANYONE can wear short hair. Like Rachel, I do minimal blow drying and use a paste to spike it up once I am done. I have something similar to Rachel also, but I have bangs, because if I get my hair in my eyes I will go nutz! Also, the texture of you hair matters in the cut. Wavy, straight, curly, fine, thick, etc. Bring pics to your stylist and have a dialoge to figure out what will work for you. Good luck and post pix!

  5. I’m definitely a “wash-n-wear” kinda girl myself. I simply go to the salon, have them use clippers on the sides and back so they’re about 1/2 to 3/4″ long, and then have the top cut so it’s between 1.5 and 2″ long. Takes 3 minutes to shampoo and condition, 2 minutes to towel dry, run a comb through it, and ten minutes later, it’s dry!! Considering I grew up with hair to my ass, so it took 45 minutes in the shower to wash/condition, the same to comb out, and between 6-8 hours to air-dry, this is a miracle!

    The top is easy to spike up with a little styling gel, if you want.

    It’s perfect for me, anyway, because I hate spending more than 30 minutes getting ready in the morning (and that includes the shower).

    Definitely talk to your stylist, though. Emphasize that you HATE using a blow dryer, you want a style that does not need hot curlers, curling irons, or any other appliance, and that it should require minimal upkeep. That will make it easier for them to recommend a style.

    Good luck!

  6. yeah, what Cathy says. though the one on the top right, you could probably do without too much work(I would drive myself crazy with my hair like that, so I don’t know how much work it takes) but yeah-I’ve had long hair, and I currently have hair something like the top left-the short requires blowdrying every day in a way that the long didn’t(it takes less time to dry short, but you could skip it long) and daily washing in a way that my long hair didn’t. so I don’t think I’d go for any of those styles seen as low maintenance. sorry.

  7. I have long hair down to over my bra. I hate blowdryers too. I just braid my hair and wait for it tro dry. I braid it quite often actually and I think it’s an easy to maintain style. Long =/= a lot of work and short =/= easy. Just saying…

    • Nathreee that’s a good point. And for everyone that has suggested the work involved potentially in any hair length I guess I didn’t mean to imply that I feel short hair is somehow inherently easier but I want it short to keep hair off my neck AND I want it easy to maintain. So I’m just being very inarticulate, sorry!

      • Totally! 😀 That thing never stops being cute to me. But Sara A I believe the Slow Loris is kinda like a sloth…lemme put on my librarian hat for a second: It is in Southeast Asia

        “Like all lorises, slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals that prefer the tops of the trees, occurring mostly in tropical/subtropical rain forests and bamboo thickets. They have slow, deliberate movements and a powerful grasp that makes them very difficult to remove from branches, especially because they only remove (at most) one limb from the branch at any given moment. They live as solitaries or in small family groups, and mark their territory with urine. Lorises whistle loudly to each other, using a single note, while foraging.” Neat.

  8. I want a Slow Loris. I doubt my cat or dog would agree (or the slow loris for that matter,) but that was such a cute animal. How nice would it be to have someone so easy to please that much.

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