Fattie Book Review: A Nameless Witch

I love to read Science Fiction and Fantasy books.  It is a fun passion.  I love finding out about a new (or new to me!) author and rooting out the best of their works.  It is like a little mental treasure hunt…reading with the hopes of discovering another well-loved author to add to my lists.  So in an effort to keep some posts here that aren’t all rantings and ravings and detailed logical analysis of the injustices of the social constructs around being fat in the world today (of which there shall still be plenty), I’ll be adding my own book reviews to the mix.

I’m a librarian-in-training/librarian-already-in-action who fully appreciates other people writing up what they do about fat acceptance literature or about anything they’ve read lately. (Blogging for a Good Book, a blog put out by the reference librarians over at the Williamsburg Regional Library is a fantastic source for short reviews about a wide variety of good reads or films. In fact they just reviewed a book in the series I finished by Iliona Andrews just before this most recent book that I plan to go over here!).  As such I feel that learning to write up a succinct and enticing review of books I think others should consider reading is definitely a skill to work on.

Books that I decide to review here in the blog will be those I consider “safe” for an FA mindset reader.  They might contain references to fat, perhaps not even in the best of FA terms, but these will be items that do not go out of their way to twist a text to fit in a Fat Joke.  These will be books that I genuinely enjoyed for the characters, the plot, the actual humor or emotions portrayed.  Oh, and in case it needs to be said, these reviews are completely independent in nature.  I’ve received no compensation of any kind to promote anything that I suggest to fellow readers here.  I just share a love of a good book.

This entry will look at a book by A. Lee Marinez titled “A Nameless Witch“.

A Nameless Witch

A Nameless Witch

This fun and often humorous work kept me engaged from start to finish.  What can you find in these pages?

How about: A demon familiar in the guise of a duck unable to fly, A White-Knight struggling with a troublesome test of his virtues, An enchanted broom named Penelope, A well-spoken troll who falls to pieces, and An undead witch cursed with ageless beauty?

A bit of magic, fantastic creatures, a quest for revenge and a bit of reflection on what it means to be beautiful and what forms reality can take all combine for a page-turning, easy to read adventure.

The author’s writing style flows well and leaves you eager to continue from one chapter to the next.  Will the nameless witch give in to her desires?  Will this hodge-podge collection of travellers be enough to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying reality as we know it?  Will any of the characters find the vengeance or true love they seek or perhaps didn’t even realize they were looking for?

From an FA standpoint there are a variety of character body types though the main character is “cursed” with beauty in the form of silky dark hair and alabaster skin and the White Knight is a dark-skinned yet stereotyped muscular specimen of “Maleness”. “Plumpness” is refer erred to a couple times as a desirable trait. Otherwise the author (at least in this book) concentrates on forming a good story with some interesting characters.

I highly recommend this as a quick page-turning fun read.  Consider popping into your local public library to check out a copy.  Remember that these days Inter-Library Loan is a fast and amazing way to get books that even your possibly small public library might not have; all for free.  Just a plug for the benefit of libraries, especially in times of economic pinch!

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦


4 thoughts on “Fattie Book Review: A Nameless Witch

  1. I am a fantasy fiend & voracious reader. Thanks, April, for this review. This book sounds like a lot of fun.

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