Antioxidants in the Fridge

Amongst the trees, 2 hours of picking completed

Amongst the trees, 2 hours of picking completed

After this weekend I’m pretty much oozing antioxidants from my pores.  On Saturday the hubby and I picked 50 some pounds of blueberries between the two of us and Adam D’s mother.  We arrived at the farm around 9 am and left after “only” 2 hot, humid, picking-filled hours. So many berries!!

There was much washing, drying, sorting and freezing/cooling (as well as LOTS of re-arranging of space at home in my normal sized fridge/freezer) in order to prep this massive amount of berries into Eat Now and Save for Later batches and store them.  In all Adam and I ended up with about 40 pounds of berries (some went to our sister-in-law).  That’s still a LOT of berries.

Look at all those BERRIES!

Look at all those BERRIES!

In case you need a visual image to truly understand that amount of berries: when laid out in bags (or containers) they fill half of my freezer and over 1 and a half shelves of my fridge.  I have two huge containers of berries on the top shelf of the fridge, 6 bags on that lower shelf and 3 bags in the freezer at the point this picture was taken. (Yes, those are GS cookies in the freezer door.  Amazing how long they last in the freezer!)

I’ve since been able to move most of the berries to the freezer.  But I’ve also used a bag to make 3 batches of muffins.  I took one batch to work, to rave reviews.  Doubling the berries in the recipes makes for a very moist, delectably portable bit of what basically amounts to berries barely held together by muffin batter.



Between those and raw berries for breakfast, the smoothies I made with berries and vanilla ice cream last night, and the many days of bowls of berries for dessert that will come as we enjoy these Fruits of Our Labours; I think the hubby and I are going to be blue on the inside and the outside!  Though I must admit, if I hear one more person wax on poetically about how many Healthy Antioxidants we’ll be getting from eating blueberries I’m going to roll my eyes so hard I’ll be seeing where I’ve been.  As if the enjoyment of the tasty fruit itself isn’t nearly as important as the benefits of the flavonoids they impart!

“Several researches indicate blueberry’s potential anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. It may also delay or prevent onset of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Health benefits of blueberry may be explained by the capacity of its antioxidants to scavenge free-radicals which are causes for age-related human diseases.”

Perhaps.  I don’t really find that any one particular food stuff (whether dutifully eaten or religiously avoided) can hold the power to hold aging at bay; though I don’t deny that these little berries can contain nutrients useful to the body.  If I was eating these things simply in the hopes of lowering my Free Radicals then I would likely have to laugh at even myself.  There IS no fountain of youth; not even a BERRY of youth or Health.  But who knows, maybe that 40 pounds of berries, split between Adam D and I, will mean an added few months to our lives thanks to their near magical levels of Antioxidant Pow-ah!

But sometimes, isn’t a berry just…a really tasty freaking berry?  Which fills my fridge now almost past capacity? What about you?  Do you enjoy blueberries for their delicious muffin potential?  For their anti-aging Super Berry Free Radical Removing properties? Or do these little round fruits make you shrug or even gag?


10 thoughts on “Antioxidants in the Fridge

  1. I’ve loved blueberries all my life, simply because they’re tasty. You know, the way I have always enjoyed a good pomegranate.

    Are they good for me? Probably, and that’s nice. Why? Because they make me feel good when I eat them.

    But why do I eat them? Because they’re freaking tasty…just like the reasons I eat spinach and eggplants and tomatoes and butternut squash and chocolate cake.

    Variety in diet is healthy. Eating fruits and veggies is healthy. Neither is a magic bullet for making your body healthy forever. They’re just yummy and a good idea.

  2. I have never been a habitual blueberry fan, but I think it’s because the ones at the grocery store just aren’t that good. I’m sure that if I went out and picked 40 lbs of them fresh off the bush, I would enjoy eating all 40 lbs of them.

  3. As a Maine Native, I am almost ashamed to say that I am not fond of blueberries, but I do buy them fairly often, for use in blueberry muffins & pancakes. We only like the very small ones, when we can find them.

    I tend to belong to the same school of thought as Sandy at Junkfood Science; there ARE NO ‘magic’ foods or ‘super’ foods, no foods which will prevent cancer, aging, or anything else. A varied diet of different foods on a regular basis is a good idea, but there is no need to be fanatical about servings, amounts, or making sure that you DO eat this, DON’T eat that, etc. I have been somewhat amused over the years to learn that at least SOME of the so-called “good’ foods that we are supposed to eat, such as eggplant & cauliflower*, have almost no actual nutrients in them, aside from water & maybe a little fiber. It, along with aging, which seems to do that, have helped me relax about not really liking some foods we are told we should eat.

    * I was eating a piece of rich chocolate cake one day & reading at the same time an explanation that cauliflower, considered a ‘good’ food, has bare traces of a few vitamins & mostly water & a little fiber, while cake, made with enriched flour, eggs, milk, etc., is considered ‘bad’ food. I read the nutrition information on the cake package…1/12th of the cake contained 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 200 mgs. of calcium, 10% of the RDA of iron, & 6-8% of several other vitamins. I had been reading Sandy’s science for years & understanding that there are no magical foods or bad foods, but that kind of brought it home for me.

    And, since you obviously DO like blueberries, I hope that you enjoy every single one of them…for the taste. There is, after all, also lots of scientific evidence that we derive more nutrition from eating foods we really like than from eating foods we do not like.

  4. I used to be really in to apples as a kid and then we went to a pick your own orchard. My mom’s cousin took us and forgot to feed us kids lunch or something cause I just remember complaining about how hungry I was and then all the adults telling me to “just eat an apple”. Well, I must’ve eaten about 10 lbs of apples and then brought another 10 home. I ate myself sick of apples and my mother was so upset with me because I couldn’t even look at an apple after that. I’m still not that fond of them for that reason.

    Incidentally, I just had one of those FA moments. I was looking at the pictures you posted of yourself and thought “Gee, she looks great.” And then I took a closer look and thought “April’s body looks like my body, why do I always hate pictures of myself when I look exuberant or when I’m not in complete control?” So I don’t know if I can look at a picture of me looking exuberant or from an angle I don’t like of myself and thing “I look great”, but at least I can recognize it in others.

    • Sara A: Yeah, I ate myself sick of canned tuna a long while ago. It has since gotten to the point I can eat it again…but yeah it was years! Thanks for the compliments on the pics too 🙂 I keep trying to post images as my own little effort to lessen the plethora of Headless Fatty pics available in the interwebs; or at least to increase the Head-having Fat Woman pictures. I too often find it easier to look at others and see their beauty but…baby steps are (to my mind) still fantastic ones on any self-acceptance path!

  5. Hey April!
    Great to find your blog! You are really a incredible model for all of us round shaped Goddesses. I was a Middle Eastern dance teacher for over 25 years, when I had to give it up due to my knees. I sure miss it. It was fun to see you dancing on your blog! I was just out picking blueberries on Sunday. Picked about 2 gallons! Yeehaa! Come over for a visit to my blog and see what I’m up to.
    Happy dancing!
    Dana Zia

  6. Dude. I hadn’t been going down to the farmer’s market as often lately, but I went on Saturday and got me some strawberries, cherries, and tiny plums. I had some blueberries left from Wednesday. So I packed some of each in my lunch box. I missed eating fruits for a couple weeks! I love fruits!

  7. Hi, have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and love it and your attitude towards life. But talking about blueberries made me need to post 🙂

    Frozen blueberry margaritas.

    Tequila, triple sec (none of that horrible margarita mix), lots of blueberries (fresh or frozen), a little lime juice and plenty of ice. Mix in the blender. Magic! Hmmmm, so I guess I’m on the side of blueberries as tasty treats rather than vitamin pills.

    I’ve tried this with strawberries – also yummy, and kiwifruit – horrible.

    Just wish I knew where to go and pick my own rather than having to get them from the supermarket…

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