Mah Tummy Has a Happy

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I love those lolcats sometimes.  They really can bring a huge smile to my face.  Even if you don’t hold that it is okay to accept your body as it is everyday; don’t you have at least one moment, even once in a blue moon, when you reflect upon feeling awesome?  When you feel amazed at an activity you completed which you never thought to take on? Or upon having eaten or drunk something just incredible; in the perfect amount, and having a resultant “happy tummy”?

Today I celebrate that feeling of happiness with a salute to the corn muffins (the recipe for which I modified and added enough blueberries to make them barely muffins and more like blueberries held together slightly by corn muffin batter) I had for breakfast and which continue to make my own tummy very happy indeed.

What is making your own tummy (or body) happy today?  Did you run a new, longer distance?  Did you eat a fantastic garden-grown tomato?  Did you get to see a new show while lounging for a bit and relaxing both your body and mind?  Or perhaps you found and/or altered a new recipe for a delicious baked good?  Whatever brings you happiness today I hope you can share it, if not here, then at least with yourself.  Accepting those small moments of self-aware happiness is a small but wonderful step towards more frequent self and body-acceptance.  So enjoy them!


5 thoughts on “Mah Tummy Has a Happy

  1. iam obsessed with cutting out processed foods from my diet. (not the fat and flavor though….duck fat mmmmmm) I am a great cook and a stay at home mom and am convinced that if i cant PRONOUNCE an ingredient i really shouldnt eat it. The thing that made my belly happy today (well yesterday anyway) was learning how to make a homemade cheddar cheese sauce. its INCREDIBLY easy (like butter and spices, then add milk and flour, then melt in cheese) tastes 1000 times better and didn’t start off as a bright orange powder!

    vcooking from scratch makes my belly happy.

  2. Both my tummy and my brain are happy today.

    I’ve been assisting a good friend of mine with the organization of all her original songs (she’s been writing since she was in her teens and that was several decades ago). Yesterday we finally finished getting all of her songs and fragments thereof collated into binders in alphabetical order.

    We celebrated with her yummy homemade beef stew and my homemade cornbread.

    Today we start figuring out which ones only exist in handwritten form so I can type them out on my computer.

    All in all, I’m feeling mighty productive on the project front and mighty spoiled on the food front.

  3. Great post! Very nice, brought a smile to my face.

    I myself am happy that I have a new weight lifting program starting today, and I put on a shirt I haven’t worn in a year. It is considerably less baggy than it was last year, and it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

    Yay for super attractive weight gain.

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