In more musical news…

… I’ve started a blog for the jazzy-style band I play with!  We’ve dubbed ourselves the “Lunch Time Band“.  Because…well we practice during half of our lunch period at work!  So if you want to see and hear some of the things this woman is able to do with her body as it is feel free to pop on over.  Especially check out the “Current Song List” link to hear snippets of us playing.  Yes, that is me on trumpet blues-ing it up!

Now to continue on this musical theme I’m off to my belly-dancing class.  We worked on a few new choreographs last week and after an hour and a half of dancing I was starting to feel confident that these new songs will be awesome!

What fun things are you working on now?  Do you have relaxing plans for the weekend or a full festival of things lined up to do.  I find that relaxing weekends are few and far between for me lately, I seem to plan too much to pack into 2 or 3 days!  I’m working at the public library on Saturday and joining co-workers in Boston on Sunday for some “Dim Sum” in Chinatown.  Sometime this weekend I also need to practice for a musical venture coming up next weekend down in CT! Busy woman I am this weekend, how about you?


3 thoughts on “In more musical news…

  1. What a lovely, happy way to recharge on a lunch break. And you sound great!

    My beau’s a Jazz musician, too (woodwinds). The boy can sure pontificate on the correlation between Jazz appreciation and a love of plushness. He’s got me convinced.

    • Thanks Substantia! And you’re right, it really is energizing to take a break to make some music during the work day. Really takes you out of the normal work mind-set!

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