Fruits of labor

Holding the first tomato

Just a quick picture post to show off my first-ever self-grown tomato!  It was…soooo tasty with mozzarella cheese and romaine lettuce.  I made the vinaigrette with fresh basil chopped into it too.  Felt like a happy summer success that I just had to share!  And let me tell you; this with a bit of chicken from one of those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store made for the best dinner salad I’ve had in a while. Yum!

You know you want a bite...unless you dont ;)

You know you want a bite...unless you don't 😉


11 thoughts on “Fruits of labor

    • CTJen yeah I seem to have a good deck for the basil and tomato but the squash is…not faring so well. Might have to just think of another herb to try instead of squash next year!

      • Wow, that salad looks delicious.

        If you like a little bit of hot pepper, you could try a jalapeno plant or two. Ours are going like gangbusters with almost no maintenance and we have a very small garden. We’re also having luck with potted mint, sage, and rosemary.

        • Hmmm I’m not so much a fan of the hot peppers but the mint/sage/rosemary all sound like good options! Thanks for the ideas!

          And yeah, this had to be one of the best tomatoes I’ve eaten since living with the folks and having fresh ones there. Though the perceived “cost savings” of growing them myself is vastly lower than I’d have imagined…might be because I only have two potted plants as opposed to a whole seed-grown garden in the yard! 😉

  1. Love the pic and the salad looks extra tasty. 🙂 It’s a fantastic feeling to eat something you’ve grown yourself, eh?

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