Jill Sprat perhaps

I’ve been thinking of that little ditty lately:

Jack Sprat could eat no fat;

his wife could eat no lean.

So between the both of them;

they licked the platter clean.

Mr. D and I have been finding that we’re very much like the Sprat family portrayed above in the little nursery rhyme.  Though, the roles are usually a bit reversed.  He seems to be the one who enjoys eating up the fats and sugars while I tend to usually nom the foods traditionally seen as “lean”.  But no matter which way it works out; it seems that there are many foods that we both find ourselves preferring opposite sections of; which results in very little wasted food at our house.  I find that to make us very lucky that our preferences work this way.  I also find myself a bit amused at how well Team D works together to “lick the platter clean”.

Examples? He loves the dark meat of chicken.  I best enjoy the white meat.  He feels the best part of iceberg lettuce is that inner-most yellow-ish crunchy bit.  I prefer the darker outer green leaves.  Mr. D noms up the very sweet center of the watermelon; I much prefer the crisper chunks closer to the rind.

The example which brought the nursery rhyme to mind most recently though was a lotus-seed paste and egg yolk filled bun we had at dim-sum in Chinatown (Boston) this weekend. During the August Moon Festival.  Sooo many people walking around in above 90 degree temps but we all had a great time walking for hours around the festival!

Anyways, that bun was incredibly tasty to both of us.  Yet what I loved most (the filling), was not at all what he found to be the most delectable (the bun).  It just made me reflect a bit on how vastly different all of our human taste pallets can be.  Food experiences are not universal by any means.  And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might be teamed up with someone whose experiences mesh enough with your own to result in a cleaned plate and two happy tummies.

Didnt get a picture of the bun at dim sum but heres a dragon head which was part of the August Moon Festival taking place in Chinatown, Boston this past weekend!

Didn't get a picture of the bun at dim sum but here's a dragon head which was part of the August Moon Festival taking place in Chinatown, Boston this past weekend!


7 thoughts on “Jill Sprat perhaps

  1. In my house, the hubby loves pizza, but hates to eat the crust (years of enforce crust-eating by his mom)… but the crust is my absolute FAVORITE part of the pizza… so between us, we take care of it 🙂

    • Heh, the crusts aren’t my *favorite* but I generally enjoy them, and my husband does often leave his for me.

      I like food blander than he does in general, so big bready things are more for me than him.

  2. That really makes sense, too, given that there’s merit to “Opposites attract”. Usually, it has to do with diseases you’re immune to, and other such body-chemistry related stuff, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a merit to finding someone who enjoys food the opposite of you (outside of licking the plate clean :D)

    • Heh. I wonder if there is a body-chemical that indicates an attraction for someone who will eat that blasted chicken leg and leave the juicy white meat to me. Does it smell like thanksgiving? 😉

  3. My hubby and I are the same – I prefer everything leaner, and trim all the fat off my meat, whereas he thinks the fat is the best bit and cites pork chops as one of his favourite foods. He also eats mayonaisse with EVERYTHING (Dutch heritage).

    And yet I’m fat, and he’s thin.

    • randomquorum that’s what always makes me giggle when I see tips about eating to “Prevent Weight-Gain” and see “Take the skin off your meat” as one. Hubby LOVES skin. Chicken, Salmon…whatever. And unless really crispy (and sometimes even then) it totally squicks me out. Yet the tall lean one is him; not me. 🙂

  4. Count me in as another fatty who doesn’t like chicken/turkey/fish skin, etc. I trim all visible fat from steaks & buy ground beef which is from 85% to 93% lean, etc. My mother used to cook a lot of greasy food & it made me physically ill, so I really dislike greasy food.

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