Row that boat

I AM paddling!

I AM paddling!

I realized I never updated the blog to indicate that I’m on vacation this week!  The hubby, I, my best friend from college and her husband just spent a weekend up in Maine at a lake house.  I won the trip through a raffle and could not be more amazed at just how peaceful and relaxing it was to stay up there; despite the driving to get to/from.  It was so beautiful.

Dragonflies don't seem to fear me either!

Dragonflies like me! Who knew?

Like a glimpse of the kind of summer trips people far better off could take for more than a 3 day weekend that they won through sheer luck!  What a world of fun and fresh air and deer sightings, heron sightings, lake rowing. Oh yes, this here woman’s round bottom fit itself into a canoe with the hubs and I also did some of the paddling too! Though, Adam D DID do most of that arm work.

So now my favorite fat summer activity is rowing out into a calm lake on a cool day just before a hurricane with good friends and the paddle-some Adam D.  What was/is/will be your favorite or most wistfully dreamed of summer trip/activity?  I find that usually I’m more active in spring and fall so it was quite novel to find myself enjoying the summer activities.  Though, the rather unseasonably cool temperatures may have helped!


6 thoughts on “Row that boat

  1. I love kayaking on calm water so much. I have a lot of upper body strength for someone who just sits around at a computer all day, so it’s fairly easy for me to paddle.

    I miss it.

  2. Yes, Maine is beautiful. 🙂 I am glad that you had a good weekend. We are now starting to come into about two months of the most beautiful time of the year here & the weather right now is wonderful. You do look happy & relaxed. Have a great vacation.

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